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Kabhi Kabhie

Release Year - 1976
# 1
Kabhi raste mein mil jao toh katrakar guzar jana ... hum mein is tarah takna jaise pechana nahi tumne ... hamara zikr jab aaye toh yun anjaan ban jana ... ki jaise naam sunkar bhi hum mein jana nahi tumne
If you ever see me on the road then cut through and pass by ... look at me as if you don't know me ... and if ever my name comes up then act unknowningly ... that you don't know me even after hearing my name
# 2
Mere dil ka woh hissa ... kambakht mera kab tha
That part of my heart ... hell was never mine
# 3
Meri zindagi ka har ek pal, tere husn se hai judha hua ... tere honth thirke toh subah hai, teri zulf bhikre toh raat hai
Every moment of my life, is connected to your body ... when your lips move then it is morning, and when you open your hair then it is night
# 4
Tera haath, haath mein ho agar ... toh safar hi asle-hayaat hai ... mere har kadam pe hai manzilein ... tera pyar gar mere saath hai
If your hand is my hand ... then the journey itself is life ... and there is a destination on every step of mine ... if your love is with me
# 5
Is duniya mein aadmi insaan ban jaye ... toh bahut badi baat hai
In this world if a man becomes a human ... then it will be a pretty big thing
# 6
Tum insaan ke roop mein devta ho ... yah devta ke roop mein insaan
Are you God in humans disguise ... or a human in Gods disguise
# 7
Aapne kabhi apni aankhen dekhi hai? ... jahan dekhti hai ek rishta kayam kar leti hai
Have you ever seen your eyes? ... wherever they see, they build a relation
# 8
Daag daaman pe nahin ... dil pe liya hai maine
I haven't taken the hit on my moral ... but on my heart
# 9
Zindagi chand sawaal aur kuch jawaab hi toh bankar reh jaati hai
Life in the end only becomes a few questions and some answers
# 10
Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai ... ke zindagi teri zulfon ki naram chhaon mein guzarne pati ... toh shadaab ho bhi sakti thi ... yeh ranj-o-gham ki shayahi joh dil pe chayi hai ... teri nazar ki shuaon mein kho bhi sakti thi ... magar yeh ho na saka ... magar yeh ho na saka aur ab yeh aalam hai ... ki tu nahi tera gham teri justaju bhi nahi ... guzar rahi hai kuch is tarah zindagi jaise ... isse kisi ke sahare ki aarzu bhi nahi ... na koi raah, na manzil, na roshni ka suraag ... bhatak rahi hai andhero mein zindagi meri ... inhi andhero mein reh jauga kabhi khokar ... main janta hoon meri humnafas ... magar yoon hi kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai
Sometimes, in my heart a feeling emerges ... that, if my life had passed in the soft shade of your hair ... then it could have been delightful ... this ink of sorrow that is spread on the heart ... it could have been lost in the rays of your eyes ... but that didn't happen ... but that didn't happen and now such is the scenario ... that you're not there, nor is your sorrow ... life is passing by in such a way ... as if it doesn't need anyone's support ... there is no path, no destination, and no clue of light ... my life is wandering in darkness ... in this darkness itself, I'll remain lost ... I know that my companion ... but still sometimes, in my heart a feeling emerges
# 11
Main zara romantic kisam ka aadmi hoon ... shaadi ke baad ishq karna toh chhod diya hai ... is liye biwi se romance karke kaam chala leta hoon
I am a slightly romantic person ... and I have stopped flirting after marriage ... that's why I live around by romancing with my wife
# 12
Meri baat ka meri humnafas, tu jawab de ki na de mujhe ... teri ek chup mein joh hai chupi, woh hazaar baaton ki baat hai
Oh my life whether you reply or not to my question ... the silence that is hidden in you, has given me the answers for a 1000 questions
# 13
Aap sooch kuch aur rahen hain ... pooch kuch aur rahen hain
You are thinking something else ... asking something else
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