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Oh Darling Yeh Hai India

Release Year - 1995
# 1
Sample pesh karo ... naacho, gaao, seena cheerke dil dikhao, jaan ki baazi lagao, dekha na suna aaisa sapna jagao ... hamara dil behlao
Show me the sample ... dance, sing, open and show me your heart, put your life on the line, ignite the dream which is never seen nor heard of ... entertain me
# 2
Pyar woh nasha hai jis mein chain kho jaata hai, hosh udh jaata hai, neend gayab ho jaati hai ... kisi ko milne ki, chune ki, kehne ki, sunne ki, kisi ko apna banane ki, kisi ka ho jaane ki khawaish hoti hai, jeene ko mann karta hai ... pyar woh andhrooni bahaar hai jis mein kalpana ke phool khilte hai, kavita ko sur milte hai, chahaton ke mele lagte hai, kisse mehakte hai, kah-kahe lagte hai, karaar milta hai ... pyar woh insaani karishma hai jis mein aane waale kal ko wajah milti hai, guzre hue kal ko wajood milta hai, anjaan logon ka dil milta hai, soone safar ko sahil milta hai
Love is that intoxication in which you lose your peace of mind, you lose your senses, your sleep disappears ... you wish to meet someone, touch someone, say to someone, listen to someone, make someone yours, to become of someone, and to live ... love is that incomplete spring season in which the flowers of imagination blossom, the poems get their tunes, the fairs of romance are set, the stories create a fragrance, laughing happens, and you get satisfaction ... love is that human magic in which the future gets a purpose, the past gets an existence, the hearts of strangers connect, and the lonely journey finds the destination
# 3
Yahan tel bhi hai, adalaton mein bail bhi hai ... Kashmir aur Taj Mahal ke saath, suna hai Tihar jail bhi hai
Here there is oil, and there is bail in the courts also ... along with Kashmir and Taj Mahal, I've heard there is also Tihar jail
# 4
Bhook hai, thakaan hai, dard ki pehchaan hai ... dushman jahaan hai, mann bhi pareshaan hai
I'm hungry, I'm tired, I have the understanding of pain ... the world is my enemy, and my heart is disturbed
# 5
Bandook pakad lene se buzdil bahadur nahi ban jaata ... aur apun darr nahi jaata
By holding a gun a coward doesn't become courageous ... and neither do I get scared
# 6
Kya nahi hai mere paas? ... dekhne mein hero body hai fit, jahan bhi main niklon main superhit ... manner mein style hai, killer sa smile hai, rehta hoon tip-top, niklon toh traffic stop ... society ki shaan hoon, party ki jaan hoon, dancer hoon, dashing fighter hoon, smashing jaanta hoon, heart lover hoon fantastic
What is it that I don't have? ... in looks I have a fit hero body, I'm super hit wherever I go ... I have style in my manners, I have a killer smile, I stay tip-top, there is a traffic stop when I go out ... I'm the pride of the society, I'm the life of a party, I'm a dancer, I'm a dashing fighter, I know how to smash, and I'm a fantastic lover of the heart
# 7
Qayamat ki raat ko hum ghoomne ko nikle ... lal chaand nikla hum choomne ko nikle ... arre bhigdi hai apni toh aadat kuch itni ... aadhi raat aafat ko dhoondne ko nikle
On the night of doomsday we went out to roam around ... the red moon was out and we left to kiss it ... our habits are so bad that ... we left in the middle of the night to find trouble
# 8
Palak jhapakte paasa palat jaata hai, palak jhapakte baazi bighad jaati hai, palak jhapakte kismat badal jaati hai, palak jhapakte pralay aa jaati hai ... jab palak jhapakti hai toh us pal ke liye aadmi soo jaata hai ... aur soona maut ke barabar hota hai
In the blink of an eye the sides revert, in the blink of an eye the game gets spoilt, in the blink of an eye luck changes, in the blink of an eye catastrophe comes ... when a person blinks his eyes then for that moment he sleeps ... and sleeping is the equivalent of death
# 9
Humse zabaan ladata hai, hum hi ko kanoon sikhata hai ... chal issi baat par nikaal paise, bachkar jayega kaise ... chal ho ja mushtaid nahi toh aath din ki qaid
You're arguing with us, you're teaching us the law ... come on now take out the money, because you can't escape ... come on get ready or else you'll be in jail for 8 days
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