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Sushant Singh Rajput

# 1
Tumhara result decide nahi karta hai ki tum loser ho ki nahi ... tumhari koshish decide karti hai
Your result doesn't decide if you're a loser or not ... your attempt decides that
# 2
Jis mehfil ne thukraya humko, kyun us mehfil ko yaad kare ... aage lamhe bula rahe hai, aao unke saath chale
The gathering that rejected us, why should we remember that gathering ... the moments ahead are calling us, come let's go with them
# 3
Success ke baad ka plan sabke paas hai ... lekin agar galti se fail ho gaye ... toh failure se kaise deal karna hai ... koi baat hi nahi karna chahta
Everyone has a plan after achieving success ... but if you fail by mistake ... then how you need to deal with failure ... no one talks about that
# 4
Sache dost wohi hote hai ... joh achhe waqt mein aapki bajate hai ... aur jab mushkil waqt aata hai toh wohi chhichhore aapke darwaze par khade nazar aate hai
True friends are those ... who tease you a lot when your time is great ... and when the tough time comes, then the same vagrant friends are standing at your door
# 5
Janam kab lena hai aur marna kab hai ... hum decide nahi kar sakte ... par kaise jeena hai ... woh hum decide kar sakte hai
Our birth and our death ... we don't decide that ... but how to live life ... we can decide that
# 6
Pata nahi kya jaadu hai college life mein ... jahan anjaane milte hai aur dost ban jaate hai ... zindagi bhar ke liye ... aur aise waise dost nahi ... kutte dost
I don't know what magic exists in college life ... where strangers meet and they become friends ... friends for their entire life ... and not just simple friends ... but bloody true friends
# 7
Ek bowler wicket lega ... ek acha batsman kisi match mein aapke liye run banayega, kisi match mein nahi banayega ... lekin ek acha fielder har match mein aapke liye run bachayega
A bowler will take wickets ... a good batsmen will make runs in some matches, and will not in some matches ... but a good fielder will save you runs in every match
# 8
Agar roze nahi rakhe ... toh phir Eid ka kya maza
If you don't fast ... then there's no fun in celebrating Eid
# 9
Main serial killer, tum serial kisser ... kya jodi hai
I'm a serial killer and you're a serial kisser ... we make a great pair
# 10
Main na ek bahut achhe ghar ka shareef launda hoon ... lekin mujhe tujhe aise dekh ke na woh dirty wale ashleel khayal aate hai
I'm a nice guy from a very good family ... but I get naughty and dirty thoughts when I see you in this way
# 11
A captain is only as good as the team
A captain is only as good as the team
# 12
Ladkiyan na hero se nahi ... heere se pyar karti hai
Girls don't love a hero ... they love a diamond like person
# 13
Ek tha raja ek thi rani ... dono mar gaye khatam kahani ... main drink la raha hoon ... tu la thanda pani
There was a king and a queen ... both of them died and hence the story ended ... I'm getting the drink ... you get cold water
# 14
Hollywood kare toh wow ... Tollywood kare toh how
If Hollywood does it, then people say wow ... but if Telugu cinema does it, then people say how
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