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Adult Dialogues

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# 21
Agar life ka one third hissa sokar ki guzarna hai ... toh akele hi kyun?
If one third of one's life is to be spent sleeping ... then why do it alone?
# 22
Ladkiyan do kisam ki hoti hai ... high voltage, low voltage
Girls are of two types ... high voltage and low voltage
# 23
Naam sunte hi pichwaade mein bhukamp aa gaya na?
Doesn't it feel like an earthquake in your ass listening to the name?
# 24
Olympic kehlo ka manna hai ki jeet yah haar chhodo, shaan se khelo ... apna manna hai ki shaan ki maa ki aankh, yahan jaan se khelo ... jaan lo yah jaan do
Olympic games believe that forget win or lose, play with pride ... and I believe that to hell with pride and play with life ... either take a life or give one
# 25
Auraton ki na izzat kiya kar ... varna goliyan phod doonga aur bandook todh doonga
Respect women ... or else I will smash your bullets and break your gun
# 26
Peeche se woh lete hai ... jinke paas saamne se lene ka hathyar nahi hota hai
People who attack from behind ... don't have the weapons to attack from the front
# 27
Stann hota sabhi ke paas hai ... sab chupa ke rakhte hai ... deta koi nai
Everyone has breasts ... everyone hides it ... no one gives it
# 28
Izzat se baat, izzatdar logon se ki jaati hai ... bhadwon se nahin
Respect is given, to respectful people ... not pimps
# 29
Madar ... chhod na yaar!
Mother ... just forget it!
# 30
Tumko yaad kar karke haath dukh gaya hamara
My hand has started to pain remembering you
# 31
Apna impression macho-de!
Give your impression as a macho!
# 32
Na dance, na expression, na pose ... sirf expose
No dance, no expression, no pose ... only expose
# 33
Qaidi ki aazadi ki aarzoo aur raand ki shaadi ki aarzoo ... kabhi na kabhi sar uthayegi hi
A prisoner's desire to be free and a prostitute's desire to get married ... will definitely surface at sometime or the other
# 34
Bahar aa, nahi toh main tere darwaaze pe mootra visarjan karoonga
Come out, otherwise I will do urine expulsion on your door
# 35
Bheje ko pant se nikaal le ghadeda
Remove your brain from your pants you fool
# 36
Shaadi byah mein pataka phodke band baja bajake ... kahe poore shehar ko bataya jaata hai ki aaj I am having sex?
Why is it that in marriages and weddings we burst crackers, play the music ... and announce in the whole city that I am going to having sex today?
# 37
Maa ki jhooti kasam nahi khaate hai ... jhootiya saala
One should not lie when swearing on your mothers life ... bloody liar
# 38
I don't like this gun goli ... I only want tan choli
I don't like guns and bullets ... I only want the bodice
# 39
Don't fear come near ... put my jawani ka scooter in third gear
Don't fear come near ... put the scooter of my youth in third gear
# 40
Roses are red, violets are blue ... sex can be dangerous, but love can be to
Roses are red, violets are blue ... sex can be dangerous, but love can be to
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