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Gangs Of Wasseypur

Release Year - 2012
# 1
Har yaar wafaadar nahi hota ... har patthar chamakdar nahi hota ... na jaane bal mein kitne phool khile hai ... har phool khusboodar nahi hota
Every friend is not faithful ... every stone is not shiny ... who knows how many flowers have blossomed ... because every flower does not have fragnance
# 2
Aad chahe jitna bada ho jaye ... laad ke neeche hi rehta hai
No matter how big the genitalia become ... they always stay below the mentula
# 3
Yahan kabootar bhi ek pankh se udhta hai ... aur doosre se apna izzat bachata hai
Here even the pigeon flies with one wing ... and protects its honor with the other wing
# 4
Itna goli maarte ... ki aapka driver bhi khali khoka bech bechkar rayees ban jaata
I will hit you with so many bullets ... that even your driver will become rich selling the empty boxes
# 5
Keh ke lenge uski
We will tell him and knock him out
# 6
Na koi kisi ka raqeeb hota hai ... na koi kisi ka habeeb hota hai ... khuda ki rehmat se ban jaate hai rishtey, jahan jiska naseeb hota hai
No one looks after anyone ... no one loves anyone ... by the mercy of God relations are made, as defined in destiny
# 7
Gareebi todh deti hai joh rishtey khak hote hai ... aur paraye apne hote hai jab paise paas hote hai
The relations that break with poverty are not relations at all ... and strangers become our dear ones when we have money
# 8
Khana khao, taqat aayega ... bahar jaake beizzati mat karana
Eat food, you will get strength ... don't humiliate us outside
# 9
Zara soongh ke batao Mantriji nashta mein ka khaye hai
Please smell and tell me what the Minister has had for breakfast
# 10
Kabhi chahane se hum zindagi dete hai aur kabhi bhool se ... lekin maut hamesha hamari khud ki chuk se hoti hai
We spawn a life by choice or by mistake ... but we die always with our own mistake
# 11
Insaan joh hai bas do nasal ke hote hai ... ek hote hai haraami aur doosre bewakoof
Humans have only two types of breeds ... one is scoundrels and other is fools
# 12
Bade log apna naam bhool jaate the ... lekin apni zameen apna samaan nahi
Big people can forget their name ... but not their land and their belongings
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