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Manoj Bajpai

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# 1
Badshah ki gali mein aake uska pata nahi poochte ... ghulamo ke jhuke hue sarr khud ba khud raasta bata dete hai
You don't come to a kings street and ask for his address ... the bowed heads of the slaves will show the path by themselves
# 2
Rajneeti mein murde kabhi gaade nahin jaate ... unhe zinda rakha jaata hai ... taki time aane par woh bole
In politics, the dead are never buried ... they are kept alive ... so that when the time comes, they can speak
# 3
Cheezein tab chutti hai jab dil se chhodi jaati hai
Things get left behind only when you leave them from your heart
# 4
Sau chaand bhi chamkenge toh kya baat banegi ... tum aaye ho toh is raat ki aukaad banegi
When 100 moons will shine then it'll be a great thing ... since you've come this night will have some value
# 5
Karna hai, toh karna hai
If we have to do it, we have to do it
# 6
Police waale jahan se sochna band kar dete hai ... Babu wahan se sochna shuru karta hai
From where the policemen stop thinking ... Babu starts to think from there
# 7
Achievementon ka na koi shortcut nahi hota ... bas naik iraade aur mazboot hausle hone chahiye ... bas phir cycle gol gol hi sahi, manzil pe pahunch hi jayegi ek din
Achievements don't have a shortcut ... you just need honest intentions and a strong morale ... then no matter what, the cycle will one day reach its destination
# 8
Mumbai ka king kaun? ... Bhiku Mhatre
Who is the king of Mumbai? ... Bhiku Mhatre
# 9
Zindagi mein koi na koi cheez toh honi chahiye joh jeene ka bahana bani rahe
In life there must be something or the other which should be the reason to stay alive
# 10
Zindagi bhi ek ajeeb road ki tarah hai ... pata nahi kab kisse takkar ho jaye
Life is like a strange road ... you never know when and with whom will you come across
# 11
Aad chahe jitna bada ho jaye ... laad ke neeche hi rehta hai
No matter how big the genitalia become ... they always stay below the mentula
# 12
Maal chahiye chokha ... toh note karo ji mota
If you want good merchandize ... then you need to shed good money
# 13
Aasmaan mein thookne waale ko shayad yeh pata nahin hai ... ki palat ke thook unhi ke chere par giregi
The one who spits in the sky does not know ... that the spit in turn will fall on his face
# 14
Karara jawaab milega!
They will get a firm response!
# 15
Itna goli maarte ... ki aapka driver bhi khali khoka bech bechkar rayees ban jaata
I will hit you with so many bullets ... that even your driver will become rich selling the empty boxes
# 16
Jatt maraa tab jaanio jab terahvi ho le
Consider a Punjabi dead only after the 13th day of his death
# 17
Chupe chupe se sarkar nazar aate hai ... dil ki barbaadi ke aasaar nazar aate hai
I see that my friend is hiding ... and it seems like my heart is going to be destroyed
# 18
Pyar jaate jaate jaata hai
Love goes away very slowly
# 19
Keh ke lenge uski
We will tell him and knock him out
# 20
Aap the zero, hai zero, aur aap hamesha rahenge zero
You were a zero, are a zero, and you'll always remain a zero
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