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# 261
Aadmi naujawan ho yah meri tarah tajurbekar ... raat ko aurat se jhagde mein kabhi nahi jeet sakta
Whether a man is young or experienced like me ... at night he cannot win against a woman in a fight
# 262
Hey jeda poora world hai na ... sperm hai
This whole world ... is from a sperm
# 263
Lashein is tarah se tapkengi ... jaise nanne munne bachche ki noni se pishaab tapakta hai ... tap tap
Dead bodies will fall just like ... pee drips from a baby boys penis ... tip tip
# 264
Pyar mein dara nahi jaata ... pyar mein toh kuch kara jaata hai
One should not feel scared when in love ... one should actually do something when in love
# 265
Bhaad mein gayi PhD, bhaad mein gayi scholarship ... poore desh ko kamasutra sikha doongi
To hell with PhD, to hell with scholarship ... I'll teach kamasutra to the entire country
# 266
I'm going to jack off till my d*ck falls off
I'm going to jack off till my d*ck falls off
# 267
Tumhare zakhmon pe blow karna mera job hai
It's my job to blow on your wounds
# 268
Kyun ki aapne itni ladkiyon ke saath hai khela ... upar waale ne golden kar diya hai aapka kela
Since you have played around with so many girls ... that's why God has made your penis into sold gold
# 269
Shaadi actually bilkul chicken masale ki tarah hai ... table pe sajane se pehle chak lo ... toh pata chal jaata hai ki chicken kitna naram hai aur kitna garam
Marriage is just like chicken masala ... if you taste it before putting it on the table ... then you come to know how soft and warm the chicken is
# 270
Delhi mein billi maarlo, khalo ... paalo nahi ... bahut mehenga padta hai
In Delhi you may kill a cat, eat a cat ... but don't nurture it ... it will be very costly
# 271
Abhi mera haath tere sar pe hai ... agar yeh haath utarkar gardan pe aa gaya na, toh tera maut ban jayega ... agar yeh haath gardan se aur neeche aa gaya na, toh na zindagi rahegi na maut
My hand is now on your head ... if this hand comes down on your neck, then it will become your death ... and if this hand comes down more from the neck, then you'll neither live nor die
# 272
Tum angoor ke woh guchhe ho jinse sharab nichodi ja chuki hai ... aur Ruksana ek paka hua anaar hai jiska ek ek dana hum choos choos kar khayenge
You are a bunch of grapes from which alcohol has been squeezed ... and Ruksana is a ripe pomegranate whose every little bit, I am going to suck and eat
# 273
Aapke daddy terrorist hai? ... varna aaisa sex bomb aur kaun bana sakta hai
Is your dad a terrorist? ... or else who can produce such a sex bomb
# 274
Hero gaana gaake khush rehta hai ... lekin villain ko wohi chahiye hota hai joh mujhe chahiye
A hero is happy by singing a song ... but a villain needs what I need
# 275
Indian women are like desi daru, always make you lose control ... but Indian men are like a mouse, always looking for a hole
Indian women are like local alcohol, always make you lose control ... but Indian men are like a mouse, always looking for a hole
# 276
Na koi kaam karti hai ... na kisi aur kaam aati hai
Neither does she do any work ... nor is she useful for any other work
# 277
Let's rock under your frock
Let's rock under your frock
# 278
Daal ke bataya nahi jaata ... aur bata ke daala nahi jaata
Don't show it when you put it ... and don't put it when you show it
# 279
Khada kar diya hai mera ... gusse se ek ek baal khada kar diya hai
You have made mine stand ... with anger you have made each one of my hair stand
# 280
Vadiya vadiya kha te vadiya vadiya pehen ... load na le ... asar padega sperm pe
Eat good and wear good ... don't take load ... it will affect the sperms
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