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Mallika Sherawat

# 1
Aaj kal pyar mein jaan li jaati hai ... di nahi jaati
Nowadays you take a life in love ... you don't give one
# 2
Dil apni aakhri dhadkan tak kya kar behte ... koi keh sakta hai bhala?
What the heart can do until its last beat ... no one can say that?
# 3
Baarish ki woh boodein achanak aisi lagne lagi ... jaise aasmaan se pani nahi, aag barasne lagi ho
Suddenly those raindrops felt as if ... the sky was dropping fire, not water
# 4
Destiny hi toh hoti hai, jab aap bhatakte hue kisi aaise raaste par pahunch jaye ... jise humne nahi chuna ... balki khud-ba-khud woh raasta hum tak pahunch gaya
It is destiny, when while wandering you reach on such a path ... which we have not chosen ... instead that path by itself comes to us
# 5
Ek kuari ladki ka alekapan, us shaadi shuda aurat le akelepan se lakh guna behtar hai ... joh woh har pal, har raat apne pati ke bistar mein mehsoos karti hai
The loneliness of a single girl is far better than the loneliness of that married woman ... who feels it every moment, every night on the bed of her husband
# 6
Husband aur suraj dono bewafaa hote hai ... aata hai Kiran ke saath, rehta hai Roshni ke saath aur jaata hai Sandhya ke saath
A husband and the Sun both are unfaithful ... he comes with Kiran, stays with Roshni and goes with Sandhya
# 7
When I'm good, I'm good ... when I'm bad, I'm better
When I'm good, I'm good ... when I'm bad, I'm better
# 8
Shaadi duniya ko dikhane ke liye nahi ... duniya mein rehne ke liye ki jaati hai
A marriage is not done to show to the world ... it's done to stay in the world
# 9
Ek achchi life jeene ke liye rules nahi hone chahiye
To live a good life there should be no rules
# 10
Aasunyon se keh do ab aankhon se behna chhod de ... in labon se keh do ab khamosh rehna chhod de ... apni chingari ki loh ko jalao doston ... dil mein joh barood hai usse jalao doston
Tell the tears to stop flowing from the eyes ... tell the lips to stop being quiet ... ignite the spark in you my friends ... burn the gunpowder that is there in your heart my friends
# 11
Ghodi jab race mein daudti hai na toh beech raaste mein nahi rukti ... manzil tak daudti hai ... chahe phir woh race jeete ya hare
When a mare runs in a race then she doesn't stop in the middle ... she runs till the end ... no matter if she wins or loses the race
# 12
Tumhari zindagi meri muthi mein hai ... chahun toh zindagi bhar na chhodun
Your life is in my hands ... if I want, I won't let it go for life
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