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U Me Aur Hum

Release Year - 2008
# 1
Dono gham se guzrein ya guzrein khushi se ... jahan se bhi guzrein, guzrein apni khushi se
We both will go through sorrow or happiness ... but from wherever we go, we will go at our own will
# 2
Problem kabhi insaan se bada nahi hota ... insaan hi usse bada banata hai
A problem is never bigger than a person ... the person makes it bigger
# 3
Tumse milne ke baad maine bhi ek sapna dekha tha ... tumhare har sapne ko sach karne ka sapna
Even I saw a dream after meeting you ... the dream to make every dream of yours a reality
# 4
Jab ladka aande zyada khane lage ... toh iska matlab usse us murgi se pyar ho gaya hai, joh aande deti hai ... ya us ladki se joh aande leti hai
When a guy eats a lot of eggs ... then it means that he is love with the chicken that gives the eggs ... or with the girl who buys the eggs
# 5
Hum pyar karte hai apne liye, kyun ki hum mein koi achcha lagta hai ... lekin milta tab hai, jab yeh jaan le ki hum mein joh achcha lagta hai ... usse kya achcha lagta hai?
We love for ourselves, because we like someone ... but we achieve that love, when we come to know that what we love ... does she love that also?
# 6
Dil ko dhadakana, dhadkane khud hi sikha deti hai ... par un dhadkano ko zinda rakhna padta hai
The heartbeat itself teaches the heart to beat ... but one has to keep those heartbeats alive
# 7
Ek sach ki umar sau jhoot se badi hoti hai
The life of one truth is bigger than that of hundred lies
# 8
Indian women are like desi daru, always make you lose control ... but Indian men are like a mouse, always looking for a hole
Indian women are like local alcohol, always make you lose control ... but Indian men are like a mouse, always looking for a hole
# 9
Jaise pyar ko paane ke liye junoon zaroori hota hai ... pyar ko nibhane ke liye bhi ek junoon zaroori hota hai
Just like it is important to have passion to get your love ... it is also important to have passion to fulfill your love
# 10
Smile aaisa ki hosh uda de ... style aaisa ki band bajaa de ... ek baar pyar se dekh le toh, phir kuch aur dikhai na de
Her smile makes me go crazy ... her style kills ... if she looks at me once with love, then I won't be able to see anything else
# 11
Let's party and get tight ... because it's love at first sight
Let's party and get tight ... because it's love at first sight
# 12
Hawa ki tarah hoti hai yeh problems ... kitni hi khidkiyan bandh karlo, andhar aa hi jaati hai
Problems are like the wind ... no matter how many windows you close, it still comes in
# 13
Aapne shayad nahi dekha par maine dekha ... ki aapke dekhne mein ek sapna tha ... joh aksar maine apne sapne mein dekha ... aur aaj us sapne ko dekha toh, dekhta hi reh gaya
May be you didn't see it but I saw it ... that there was a dream when you were staring ... that I have often seen in my dream ... and today when I saw that dream, I was speechless
# 14
Vaise toh yeh milta nahi ... aur jab milta hai, toh theek se milta nahi
As it is we don't get to see him ... and when we see him, he doesn't meet properly
# 15
Kuch cheezein purani hoke aur bhi khoobsurat ho jaati hai ... jaise ke gulaab, sharaab aur aap
Some things become more beautiful as they grow old ... like rose, wine and you
# 16
Is poori duniya mein na do tarah ki auratein hoti hai ... ek jinke bina raha nahi jaata ... aur doosri yeh jinke saath raha nahi jaata
There are two types of women in this entire world ... one without whom you cannot live ... and other with whom you cannot live
Song Lyrics - U Me Aur Hum
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