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Motichoor Chaknachoor

Release Year - 2019
# 1
Kabab mein haddi aur jawani mein buddhi ... sahi na hoye
Meat with bones and an old woman in your prime youth ... isn't good for you
# 2
(Kaa kare feelings hi nahi aa rahe?) - Tum aankh band karo aur Burj Khalifa ke bare mein socho ... feelings apne aap aa jayegi
(What should I do as I'm not feeling it?) - Just close your eyes and think about the Burj Khalifa ... the feelings will automatically come to you
# 3
Hamao byah hoke rahega ... London, America, Dubai nahi mila toh ... Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan toh milega
I'll get married no matter what ... so what if I'm unable to get married in London, America, Dubai ... I still have a chance in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan
# 4
Aadmi aur bandar, kitne bhi budha jaaye ... gulati maarna nahi bhoolte
Be it a man or a monkey, no matter how old they get ... they'll never forget how to do a somersault
# 5
Iske salary ke din khatam aur pension ke din aane wale hai
His days of salary are over and his days of pension are about to begin
# 6
Joh modhi bidaai pe roke na aaye ... woh sasural mein sabne rulaye
A bride who doesn't cry on the wedding ritual of her farewell ... she'll make everyone cry in her in-laws house
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