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Divya Dutta

# 1
Main aayi toh thi tumhe phasane, par khud hi tumhare pyar mein phas gayi ... tumhe qaid karne ke liye jaal bichaya tha maine, aur khud hi qaidi ban gayi
I had come to trick you, but I myself got tricked in your love ... I had laid a trap to catch you, but I myself got trapped in it
# 2
Savera hone se pehle ... andhera bahut gehra ho jaata hai
Before the morning comes ... the darkness gets very deep
# 3
Confidence ke saath bolo na ... toh film industry jhoot ko bhi sach maan leti hai
If you say with confidence ... then the film industry will even believe a lie to be the truth
# 4
Teri nigahon ka salaam kabul kare, meri nigahon mein woh nafasat nahi ... tujhse mila loon nazar toh magar, mere dil ki shayad yeh aadat nahi
To accept the welcome of your eyes, my eyes don't have that sophistication ... I'll look into your eyes but, may be my heart doesn't have that habit
# 5
Yeh film industry hai ... yahan yah toh manipulate kar lo ... yah ho jao
This is film industry ... here either you manipulate ... or get manipulated
# 6
Indian women are like desi daru, always make you lose control ... but Indian men are like a mouse, always looking for a hole
Indian women are like local alcohol, always make you lose control ... but Indian men are like a mouse, always looking for a hole
# 7
Izzat banane ke liye poori zindagi lag jaati hai ... lekin usse barbaad karne ke liye sirf ek bhool ki zaroorat hoti hai
It takes the entire life to earn respect ... but you only need one mistake to destroy it
# 8
Talab ki raah mein kuch paane se pehle kuch khona padta hai ... bade saude nazar mein ho toh chota hona padta hai
In the path of finding something you have to lose something before you find something ... if you have big deals in sight then you have to become small
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