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Shola Aur Shabnam

Release Year - 1992
# 1
Hum jurm ki duniya ka colonel hoon
I am colonel of the world of crime
# 2
Bazaar mein behti tawaif aur aapke kanoon ke rakhwaalon mein koi fark nahi hai ... fark hai toh sirf itna, ki woh apna jism bechti hai aur yeh apna imaan
There is no difference between a prostitute sitting in the market and your people who protect the law ... and if there is a difference then it is only that, she sells her body and they sell their dignity
# 3
Aadmi naujawan ho yah meri tarah tajurbekar ... raat ko aurat se jhagde mein kabhi nahi jeet sakta
Whether a man is young or experienced like me ... at night he cannot win against a woman in a fight
# 4
Bura joh kaam karta hai woh manzil se bhatakta hai ... kamina lakh baande boriyan, magar ek din atakta hai
One who does bad things wanders away from the destination ... and no matter how many bags a scoundrel packs, but one day he gets stuck
# 5
Yahan Punjabi hai, Gujarati hai, Marathi hai, Bangali hai ... lekin Hindustani koi nahi hai
Here we have Punjabi, we have Gujrati, we have Marathi, we have Bengali ... but there is no Indian
# 6
Meri toh na usse Hello hai na Hi hai ... na jaan hai na pehchaan hai ... na dua hai na salaam hai
I don't have any Hello or Hi with him ... neither do I know him either ... and neither do I pray or salute for him
# 7
Mere mooh se nikla har lafz ... heere se zyada keemti hai
Every word that comes out of my mouth ... is more expensive than a diamond
# 8
Har jagah mera hi number pehle aata hai
My number comes first everywhere
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