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# 281
Jhoot pe jhoot ... jhoot pe jhoot ... teri maa ki
Lies after lies ... lies after lies ... to hell with you
# 282
(Kaa kare feelings hi nahi aa rahe?) - Tum aankh band karo aur Burj Khalifa ke bare mein socho ... feelings apne aap aa jayegi
(What should I do as I'm not feeling it?) - Just close your eyes and think about the Burj Khalifa ... the feelings will automatically come to you
# 283
First time dekha tujhe love ho gaya ... second time mein sab ho gaya
You fall in love on the first date ... and you do everything in the second date itself
# 284
When in Phuket ... just f*ck it
When in Phuket ... just f*ck it
# 285
Ladke ki kaathi ... kaathi pe ghoda ... ghode ki bum mein joh maara hathoda
The stick of a man ... a horse on that stick ... and a hammer was struck into the horse's bum
# 286
Bas yahi apradh main har baar karta hoon ... aadmi hoon aadmi se pyar karta hoon
I commit only this crime every time ... I'm a man and I love a man
# 287
Kismat aur randi kab badal jayegi ... kisi ko pata nahi
When will destiny or a prostitute change ... no one knows that
# 288
Gale mein mangalsutra aankhon mein kamasutra
She has a wedding necklace on her neck and kamasutra in her eyes
# 289
Neem ke paan kadve hai ... Pavan Babu bhadave hai
The leaves of the Neem tree are bitter ... Pavan Babu is a pimp
# 290
Aadmi na, pant ke pappu ka ghulam hota hai
A man is a slave of his friend, who is inside his pants
# 291
Maut aankhon ke samne hoti hai na ... toh achchon achchon ki Gateway of India ho jaati hai
When death is front of the eyes ... then even the best of the best persons position, becomes like the Gateway of India
# 292
Shaadi apne liye kar rahe hai ya in logon ke liye ... haldi, mehndi, chivda, daal ... what the f*ck is happening yaar
Are we getting married for ourselves or these people ... there's turmeric, henna, snacks, lentils ... what the f*ck is happening my friend
# 293
Guess what an orgasm is called in Hindi ladies ... "charam sukh"
Guess what an orgasm is called in Hindi ladies ... "charam sukh" (ultimate pleasure)
# 294
I can die without you ... sach-much ... and it's time for smooch
I can die without you ... it's the truth ... and it's time for a smooch
# 295
Seedhe chalogi ya jump marogi
Do you want to go straight or do you want to jump
# 296
Mooh mein aag hai babu aur choli mein angaare hai ... tere jaise kitne sagar is garmi se haare hai
There's fire in my mouth and embers in my blouse ... so many oceans like you have lost in front of my warmth
# 297
Uske kuch kuch mein ... kuch nahi hota hai
In his something something ... nothing happens
# 298
Tu insaan nahi, junglee sand hai ... junglee sand nahi, gahde ki g*nd hai
You're not a human, you're a wild buffalo ... forget a wild buffalo, you're a donkey's a**
# 299
Keh raha hai dil yeh rangeela ... kab tak rahoonga tanha aur dheela ... aaj apne pyar ka pani barsakar ... dekh tujhe kaise karta hoon main bheega
This colourful heart is saying that ... until when will I stay lonely and lose ... today showering the rain of my love ... I'm going to get you drenched
# 300
Mere bare mein itna mat soocho ... main din mein aata hoon, raat mein nahi ... till then do whatever you want to man
Don't think a lot about me ... I come during the day, and not at night ... till then do whatever you want to man
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