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Rajkummar Rao

# 1
Everything is fair in love and war ... love is over ... now war begins
Everything is fair in love and war ... love is over ... now war begins
# 2
Agar shakal dekh ke ladkiyan shaadi karti na ... toh Hindustan mein aadhe ladke kanware hote
If girls would marry just by looking at the face ... then half the guys in India would be bachelors
# 3
Aap ek launda bata do hum mein duniya mein, ek launda ... jisne ladki ko dekh ke pehli bari mein bol diya ho ki matlab ... kya ladki hai na ... kaash yeh meri behen hoti
Show me one guy in this world ... who when sees a girl for the first time and says that ... what a great girl is she ... I wish she was my sister
# 4
Dil mein joh aag hai sabko dikha doonga ... joh uthi doli teri duniya mein aag main laga doonga
I'll show to everyone the fire that's there in my heart ... if you get married then I'll burn the entire world down
# 5
Aaj ke baad galat time pe phone kiya na ... toh aisi laat maarenge koole pe dimple nikaal denge tumhare
From today if you call me at the wrong time ... then I'll kick your ass in such a way that, a pimple will pop up there
# 6
Yeh ishq nahi aasaan bas itna samajh lijiye ... ek aag ka dariya hai aur wahin bhasma ho jaana hai
Just understand that love isn't easy ... it's like a sea of fire and one has to burn to ashes in that
# 7
Laxmi ji ki kripa se paisa toh itna hai ki Dhanteras pe aap hi ki dukaan khareed ke aap hi ko gift karde
By the grace of Goddess Laxmi I have so much money that, I can buy your shop on the festival of Dhanteras and gift it to you itself
# 8
Tune mujhe suffering di ... maine tujhe ring di
You gave me suffering ... and I gave you a ring
# 9
Let's rock under your frock
Let's rock under your frock
# 10
Imaandari ke award mein sabse zyada baimaani hoti hai
In the award for honesty, there's a lot of cheating involved
# 11
Mere se pehle bahut pehle bhi ek Newton tha ... padhai karte waqt kabhi uski baat samajh nahi aayi ... par ab kaam karte waqt aa rahi hai ... ke jab tak kuch nahi badloge na dost, kuch nahi badlega
Long before me there was another Newton ... I never understood what he meant while I was studying ... but now while working I've understood it ... that until you yourself don't change, nothing is going to change
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