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Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum

Release Year - 2012
# 1
Apna impression macho-de!
Give your impression as a macho!
# 2
(Tum ladki mein sabse pehle kya dekhte ho) - Woh toh depend karta hai na, ki ladki aa rahi hai ... ki jaa rahi hai
(What do you look in a girl first) - That depends if the girl is coming ... or going
# 3
Kahin two-some aur kahin three-some ... aur ab tak main hand-some
Somewhere there is two-some and somewhere there is three-some ... and I am still with hand-some
# 4
Lagta hai meri destiny mein wedding ring nahi ... sirf suffering hai
Looks like there is no wedding ring in my destiny ... just suffering
# 5
Ek aurat ki tarah ... mard ka bhi ek hi gehna hota hai
Just like a woman ... even a man has one jewel
# 6
Yeh Muthiya itne kadak hai ... yeh khane ke nahi, yeh Muthiya maarne ke kaam aayenge
These Muthiya (snack) are so hard ... that they can be used for jerking, not for eating
# 7
Music mere liye tarakki ki CD (seedi) hai
Music for me is a ladder to success
# 8
Apne scene ka toh full kerosene ho gaya yaar
Our scene has turned fully into kerosene
# 9
Bus ho ya train, ek miss ho jaye toh doosri aa jaati hai ... but not life ... so please don't risk it
Be it a bus or a train, if you miss one then another one comes along ... but not life ... so please don't risk it
# 10
Kaam ke chakkar mein hum log Page 3 parties mein badi aash lekar jaate the ... aur issi liye aaj bhi hum yahan apni apni ass lekar aaye hai
In search for work we used to go to Page 3 parties with a lot of hopes ... and that's why we have come here today with our ass
# 11
All good guys are either gay or married
All good guys are either gay or married
# 12
Valet parking toh suna tha dude ... lekin yeh toh valley parking ho gaya
Dude I had heard about valet parking ... but this turned out to be valley parking
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