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Lafangey Parindey

Release Year - 2010
# 1
Kamra ho, naukri ho ... toh heech dilwale dulhania le jayenge ... nahi toh hum aapke hain koun?
If you have a house, a job ... only then the hearty will take the bride ... otherwise who am I to you?
# 2
Joh dimag se khiskela rehta hai na ... woh heech life mein upar jaata hai
One who is crazy from the brain ... that person becomes successful in life
# 3
Gussa aadmi se bahut kuch karwata hai ... aur yeh joh love hai na love ... yeh sirf marwata hai
Anger makes a man do a lot of things ... but love ... only gets him killed
# 4
Tune aankh se andha banaya ... par dil se dekhna sikhaya
You made me blind from the eyes ... but you taught me to see from the heart
# 5
Jab naak se khoon moot ki tarah beh raha hota hai ... phatke haath mein aa jaati hai
When blood flows like pee from the nose ... then you are scared to death
# 6
Sahi time pe sahi mukka ... kuch log isse good luck bolte hai ... main isse shanpatti bolta hai
A right punch at the right time ... some people call it good luck ... I call it smartness
# 7
Tera bachcha jug jug jiye ... bada hoke tera khoon piye
May your child live for ages ... and may he suck your blood when he grows
# 8
Dard aur mard mein da aur ma ka farak hota hai ... da aur ma bole toh, Dum
The difference between distress and man is D and M ... D and M means, Dum (courage)
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