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Ishrat Ali

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# 1
Zindagi chahte ho toh humse bachkar rehna ... jahan nimbu nahi jaata wahan nariyal ghusad dete hai
If you want to live then stay away from me ... because I can push a coconut through a place from where even a lime won't pass through
# 2
Mere peeche itne siyaasi haath hain ... jitne aapke sar pe baal bhi nahin honge
I have so many political hands behind me ... that you don't even have that many hairs on your head
# 3
Roti hoti hai khane ke liye ... aur boti hoti hai chabane ke liye
Bread is there to be eaten ... and chop is there to be chewed
# 4
Sar ka taj tedha ho ... toh rani, rani nahin kaani lagti hai
If the crown on the head is crooked ... then a queen does not look a queen, but a squint eye
# 5
Kuch is tarah se bhunne hain maine taqdeer ke dhaage ... achche achchon ko jhukna padta hai mere aage
The way I have stirred the threads of destiny ... the best of the best have to bow down in front of me
# 6
Supari ka sauda noton se nahin ... laashon se hoga
The deal for killing will not be done with money ... it will be done with dead bodies
# 7
Jab bete ki ghar mein shikayatein aane lage aur gaon mein charcha hone lage ... toh samjho beta jawan ho gaya
When the complaints for a son start coming into the house and people start talking about it in the village ... then understand that he has become young
# 8
Gundagiri aur netagiri dono ek hi baap ki do harami aulad hai
Rowdyism and politics both are bastards from the same father
# 9
Mera naam hai Lambu Aata ... saale ko doonga maut ka chaata
My name is Lambu Aata ... I will give him the slap of death
# 10
Khada kar diya hai mera ... gusse se ek ek baal khada kar diya hai
You have made mine stand ... with anger you have made each one of my hair stand
# 11
Begairat besharam bano, kisi se kabhi mat darro ... jab koi gaali de, jhi bharke hasso jhi bharke hasso
Become prideless and shameless, never be afraid of anyone ... when someone curses you, laugh a lot
# 12
Chamdi ukhaadkar tera chehra bhigaad doonga ... tukde udaakar tere dal-dal mein gaad doonga
I will rip your skin and spoil your face ... I will make your pieces fly and bury them in a bog
# 13
Yeh joh raajneeti hai na, yeh one day cricket match ki tarah hai ... is mein faisla kabhi kabhi aakhri gendh par hota hai
Politics is like a one day cricket match ... in this sometimes the result is decided on the last ball
# 14
Face Sonali, taange Raveena aur aankhen Karishma
Her face is like Sonali, legs are like Raveena and eyes are like Karishma
# 15
Bheenk mangni parti hain kanoon ke wafaadaron ko ... par maal khane ko milta hai desh ke gaddaron ko
People loyal to the law have to beg ... but people unfaithful to the country get to eat the money
# 16
Main sher ke mooh me haath dalkar uske pet se antariyan nikal leta hoon
I can put my hand into the mouth of the tiger and remove the flesh from his stomach
# 17
Doodh dhari gaiyaan ki lattiyan aur bin byaahi chokariyan ki battiyan ... toh sehni hi padegi
The kicks of the cow who gives milk and the talks of an unmarried girl ... one has to bear them
# 18
Phatte toh phatte par position na ghatte
Let it break and tear if needed, but my position should not come down
# 19
Ek murde ko kafan pehnane mein jitna time lagta hai na ... usse bhi kam time mein main tera vardi utaar sakta hai
The amount of time it takes to put a shroud on a dead body ... in less time than that I can get your police uniform stripped from your body
# 20
Tujhe imaandari ki khujli lag gayi hai ... zindagi bhar khujate khujate mar jayega ... lekin haath tere kuch nahi aayega
You have itching from honesty ... you'll itch for your entire life and die ... but you'll get nothing in your hands
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