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Rowdyism Dialogues

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# 41
Naam apna bada na ho ... par humne kaam kabhi chote nahi kiye hai
No matter if my name is not big ... but I have never done small work
# 42
(Aaj kal din ache chal rahe hai tere) ... Din aur raat logon ke hote honge ... sheron ka zamana hota hai
(Nowadays your days are going great) ... Days and nights belong to people ... tigers have eras
# 43
Dada toh is duniya mein sirf do hain ... ek upar waala aur doosre hum
There are only two leaders in this world ... one God and second me
# 44
Joh shehar mein rehne aata hai woh uske baare mein seekhta hai ... joh raj karne aata hai woh shehar ko apne baare mein sikhata hai
The one who comes to live in a city, learns about the city ... and the one who comes to rule over the city, teaches the city about him
# 45
Keep quiet!
# 46
Mera naam hi kaafi hai ... logon ke pasine chhudane ke liye
My name is enough ... for people to sweat
# 47
Pehda toh main bhi sharif hua tha ... par sharafat se apni kabhi nahi bani
Even I was born honest ... but I was never able to get along with honesty
# 48
Chori ke dhande mein joh maal le jaye na ... maal bhi uska, dhanda bhi uska
In the business of stealing one who takes the goods ... the goods belong to him, and so does the business
# 49
Don shok nahi manate, sirf jashan manate
A don doesn't mourn, he only celebrates
# 50
Keep it up ... nahi toh ek ghup, seedha up
Keep it up ... or else I'll give you one shot and you'll go straight up
# 51
Kaun uthaya Raja Hindustani ko?
Who woke up Raja Hindustani?
# 52
Is khel mein joh power hai na ... uska nasha hi alag hai
The power that exists in this game ... has it's own intoxication
# 53
Bhai or don ke upar ... king hota hai
On top of a goon and a don ... there is a king
# 54
Is shehar ke shahenshah log mahalo mein rehte hai ... par is jungle ko chalane ke liye joh sher chahiye woh sadako par hi pehda hote hai
The kings of this city live in mansions ... but the tiger that you need to run this jungle are born on the streets
# 55
Don ke dushman ko yeh baat hamesha yaad rakhni chahiye ... ki Don kabhi kuch nahin bhoolta
Don's enemy should always remember this point ... that Don never forgets anything
# 56
Don ke dushman ki sabse badi galati yeh hai ... ki woh Don ka dushman hai
The biggest mistake of Don's enemy is that ... he is Don's enemy
# 57
Gang lekar aane wale hote hai gangster ... woh akela aata tha ... monster
A person who comes with a gang is a gangster ... he always comes alone ... as he's a monster
# 58
Zindagi mein teen cheez kabhi underestimate nahi karna ... I, Me and Myself!
In life don't underestimate three things ... I, Me and Myself!
# 59
Hum yahan ke Robinhood hai ... Robinhood Pandey
I am the Robinhood over here ... Robinhood Pandey
# 60
Aa raha hoon!
I'm coming!
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