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Rowdyism Dialogues

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# 101
Aali re aali ... aata tujhi baari aali
It's here it's here ... now your turn is here
# 102
Apne ko kya hai ... apne ko sirf pani nikalna hai
I don't care ... I just have to remove the water
# 103
Main maarunga mar jayega ... dobara janam lene se darr jayega
You'll die if I hit you ... and you'll be scared to even be born again
# 104
Log Don ko nahi ... duniya ko chhodte hai
People don't leave Don ... they leave the world
# 105
Hamari toh gaali par bhi taali parti hai
People clap even when I curse
# 106
Trigger kheench ... mamla mat kheench ... khinch gaya na toh bahut takleef doonga
Pull the trigger ... don't pull the matter ... if it gets pulled then I will give you a lot of suffering
# 107
Soowar ke bachcho!
Sons of pigs!
# 108
Munna, Munna Michael naam hai mera ... teen batti mein kisi se bhi poochega na ... toh haath pakadke ghar pe chhodega
My name is Munna Michael ... if you ask anyone about me in the colony ... then he'll hold your hand and drop you at my place
# 109
Is ilaaqe mein naye aaye ho sahab? ... varna Sher Khan ko kaun nahi jaanta
Sir, are you new in the area? ... otherwise who does not know Sher Khan
# 110
Cigarette packet par warning hoti hai ki usse peene waala maut ko gale laga raha hai ... lekin meri baat alag hai ... main direct maarta hoon, lekin warning kabhi nahi deta
There is a warning on the cigarette packet, that the person smoking it is hugging death ... but I'm different ... I kill directly and never give a warning
# 111
Sikhni hoon main ... Bhatinda ki!
I am Sikh girl ... from Bhatinda!
# 112
Main contract lete waqt paisa dekhta hoon ... paise dene waale ko nahin
When I take a contract I look at the money ... and not at the person who pays
# 113
Saale mein itna muscle hai ki kisiko bhi masal sakta hai
Bloody he has so much muscles that he can smash anyone
# 114
Waqt tha emergency ka ... mahol tha dehshat ka ... mauka tha kismat badalne ka ... woh army thi, par hum bhi toh harami the
It was a time of emergency ... there was fright in the atmosphere ... it was an opportunity to change the destiny ... there was an army, but even I was a evil
# 115
Yeh Arabiyon ka Dongri hai beta ... yahan shaanpatti sirf shaano pe jachti hai ... police waalon pe nahi
This is the local area of Arabs ... here only the smart people look good acting smart ... not the police
# 116
Bhai ... tension nahin lene ka bhai
Brother ... don't take tension brother
# 117
Apni line mein sab log gutter se nikalkar aate hai ... kuch log upar nikal jaate hai ... aur kuch log goli khakar vapas gattar mein gir jaate hai
In our business everyone comes from a gutter ... some people move up ... and some people take a bullet and go back in the gutter
# 118
Mere dushman samajh rahe the main ab kabhi lautke na aaunga ... ek gumnaami ka samundar hai, us mein hi jaake doob jaaunga ... abhi baaki meri kahani hai, sari duniya ko joh sunaani hai ... mujhe pehchano, dekho main hoon kaun ... aa raha hoon palat ke main hoon Don, Don, Don
My enemies were thinking that I'll never come back ... there is an ocean of anonymity and I'll go drown in that ... now my story is still pending, which I have to tell to the world ... try to recognize who am I ... I'm turning around and coming, I'm Don, Don, Don
# 119
Zindagi do choice deta hai ... joh milta hai woh haath phailakar le lo ... ya phir joh maangta hai woh haath uthakar cheen lo
Life gives us two choices ... open your hands and take what you get ... or else raise your hand and snatch what you want
# 120
Kya samajhkar aaye the ... ki sardar bahut khush hoga, shabashi dega?
What did you think and come here ... that the boss will be very happy and he will praise you?
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