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Rowdyism Dialogues

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# 161
Joh de saath ... uske raho khaas
Those who give support ... be important to them
# 162
Keh ke lenge uski
We will tell him and knock him out
# 163
Sar jhukakar, jee malik bolkar khada ho jaata hai ... aisa kabali samjha hai kya ... kabali hai yeh!
The one who stands bowing his head down and says yes master ... do you think I'm such type of a servant ... not at all, I'm a gangster!
# 164
Aye chutte paise ... tujh jaise charane aathane mujhe mere naam se nahi, meri maar se pechaante hai
Hey you lose change ... losers like you don't know me by my name, they know me by the way I beat them
# 165
Maa ne kaha tha beta kabhi kisi ka dil nahi todna ... toh humne dil ko chhodke baki sab toda
Mom had said that never break anyone's heart ... so leaving the heart I broke everything else
# 166
Sarang ka sar sulhi par chad sakta hai, barood ki tarah phat sakta hai, kat sakta hai ... magar jhuk nahi sakta
Sarang's head can be hanged, it can blast like gunpowder, it can be slit ... but it won't bow down
# 167
Dekhne mein bewda, bhagne mein ghoda aur maarne mein hatauda
Looks like a drunkard, runs like a horse and hits like a hammer
# 168
Do-sau-che type ka sirf haddi hai ... todhne ke time apun log sochte they kya
There are 206 types of bones ... while breaking them did we ever think about it
# 169
Hum aaise baap hai joh dushmanon ke liye akele hi kaafi hai
I'm such a father who is himself more than enough for the enemies
# 170
Abhe ghar toh kya, tu kabhi raaste mein bhi dikhayi diya na ... toh chehre ka design badal doongaa
Forget home, if I even see you on the road then ... I will change your face's design
# 171
Me criminally good!
I'm criminally good!
# 172
Mujhe koi pakad nahi sakta ... main woh ret hoon jisse mutthi mein jitna kasoge ... woh utni hi phisalti jayegi
No one can catch me ... I am like sand, the more you squeeze it in your hand ... the more it will escape
# 173
Hamare dhande mein hum doston se zyada dushmano ki khabar rakhte hai
In our business we keep more news about our enemies than that of our friends
# 174
Galat waqt par, galat wajah se, galat jagah pe tune haath uthaya
You have raised your hand at the wrong time, for the wrong reason and at the wrong place
# 175
Dong kabhi wrong nahi hota!
Mr. Dong is never wrong!
# 176
Lo lag gayi law and order ki
Law and order is now ruined
# 177
Boyfriend bole toh?
Boyfriend as in?
# 178
Bacha maa ki kok mein baad mein panapta hai ... humra ghulam pehle banta hai
A child grows later in a mother's womb ... first he becomes my slave
# 179
Is line mein experience nahi ... daring ka zaroorat hai
In this line you don't need experience ... you need daring
# 180
Hamare saare dushmano ki ek list banao ... aur phir hamare har dushman aur har hone waale dushman ko, ek ek karke us list se mitta do
Make a list of all our enemies ... and then one by one, erase all our enemies and enemies to be from that list
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