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Rowdyism Dialogues

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# 141
Surya aag ka gola hai, dahekta hua shola hai ... usse chuhoge toh jal jaoge, raakh banke bikhar jaoge ... hai woh gareebon ka maseeha, karta hai zaalimon ka khaatma ... usse pyara hai watan, kehlata hai Don No. 1
Surya is a ball of fire, he is a burning ember ... you'll burn if you touch him, you'll turn into ash and scatter ... he is a divine angel for the poor, he puts an end to cruel people ... he loves his country, and he is called Don No. 1
# 142
Hum jis din apni aukaat par aaye na ... by god us din tumhare adab ki pudiya banakar tumhare pichwade mein ghused denge ... na paadein niklengi na huggi
The day I come to my skin ... by god that day I'll turn your respect into a packet and I'll push it up your a*s ... you won't be able to fart and neither will you be able to shit
# 143
Mar gaye toh maaf nahi toh pandra bees saaf
If I die then forgive me or else I'll kill about 15 to 20 people
# 144
Awaaz neeche!
Lower your voice!
# 145
Aye Mamu ... jadoo ki jhappi de daal aur baat khatam
Hey brother ... give a magical hug and end the matter
# 146
Oye illaka kutton ka hota hai, bhen ke takke ... sher ka nahi
Hey, neighborhood is for dogs you sister sucker ... not for a tiger
# 147
Ukhaad joh ukhaadneka hai ... chal re!
Do whatever you want ... get lost!
# 148
Mera ussool hai ... aadmi khatam, kaam khatam
My rule is ... man finished, work finished
# 149
Jitna dum aapke ek haath mein nahi hai ... utna dum hamari ek ungli mein hai
The amount of power that you don't have in one hand of yours ... we have that much power in one finger of ours
# 150
Mere saath kuch bhi karneka ... mera ego hurt nahi karneka
Do anything with me ... but don't hurt my ego
# 151
Yeh thopade ka design toh pehli baar dekh raha hoon
I am seeing this face's design for the first time
# 152
Main ek din mein do galat kaam nahi karta
I don't do two wrong things in one day
# 153
Understand ... you better understand!
Understand ... you better understand!
# 154
Main contract sirf khoon karne ka leta hoon ... mohabbat ke khel khelna ka nahi
I take a contract only for killing ... not for playing love games
# 155
Bewajah kisi ko phodne ka nahi ... par agla na maane ... toh phir usko chhodne ka nahi
Don't fight with a person without a reason ... and if he doesn't listen ... then you should not leave him either
# 156
Yahan gawah bhi hum hai, vakil bhi hum hai aur judge bhi hum hai
Here I am the witness, I am the lawyer and I am the judge
# 157
Joh de saath ... uske raho khaas
Those who give support ... be important to them
# 158
Sar jhukakar, jee malik bolkar khada ho jaata hai ... aisa kabali samjha hai kya ... kabali hai yeh!
The one who stands bowing his head down and says yes master ... do you think I'm such type of a servant ... not at all, I'm a gangster!
# 159
Aye chutte paise ... tujh jaise charane aathane mujhe mere naam se nahi, meri maar se pechaante hai
Hey you lose change ... losers like you don't know me by my name, they know me by the way I beat them
# 160
Keh ke lenge uski
We will tell him and knock him out
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