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Don (2006)

Release Year - 2006
# 1
Bahar tumhari aunty bahut saare uncles ko lekar aayi hai
Your aunt has bought a lot of uncles outside
# 2
Kuch kaam aaise hote hai jin mein fayda yah nuksaan nahi dekha jaata ... bus unhe karna zaroori hota hai
There are a few things in which you don't look for profit or loss ... it is simply necessary to do them
# 3
Mera intezaar toh gyarah mulkon ki police kar rahi hai lekin ... Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin ... namumkin hai
Police from eleven countries are waiting for me but ... catching Don is not only hard ... it's impossible
# 4
Don ke dushman ki sabse badi galati yeh hai ... ki woh Don ka dushman hai
The biggest mistake of Don's enemy is that ... he is Don's enemy
# 5
Mujhe do tarah ki ladkiyan pasand nahi aati ... ek woh joh mere pass aane mein bahut derr lagaye aur doosri woh joh bahut jaldi aa jaye
I don't like girls of two types ... one who takes a lot of time to come to me and the other who comes to me very quickly
# 6
Mujhe junglee billiyan bahut pasand hai
I like wild cats a lot
# 7
Mujhe jahan pahunchna hai uske liye yeh raftaar bahut zaroori hai
This speed is necessary for where I want to reach
# 8
Log Don ko nahi ... duniya ko chhodte hai
People don't leave Don ... they leave the world
# 9
Yeh tum janti ho ki yeh pistol khali hai ... main janta hoon ki yeh pistol khali hai lekin ... police nahin janti ki yeh pistol khali hai
You know that this pistol is empty ... I know that this pistol is empty but ... police does not know that this pistol is empty
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