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The Killer

Release Year - 2006
# 1
Dil-e-nadaan tujhe hua kya hai ... aakhir is dard ki dawa kya hai?
What has happened to you my silly heart ... and what is the cure for this pain?
# 2
Do cheezein mujhe pasand nahi hai ... garmi ka mahina aur AC mein pasina
There are two things that I don't like ... the summer months and sweating when the air conditioner is on
# 3
Pistol ki thandi nali jab kanpatti pe lagti hai na ... tab zindagi aur maut ka fark samajh mein aata hai
When the cold barrel of a pistol touches the head ... then one understands the difference between life and death
# 4
Kuch banne ke liye sapne dekhna zaroori hota hai
To become someone you have to see dreams
# 5
Badhe sheharo ki hawa aur chote sheharo ka pani ... bada khatarnak hota hai
The air of big cities and the water of small cities ... are very dangerous
# 6
Joh log waqt barbaad karte hai ... waqt unhe barbaad kar deta hai
People who waste time ... time destroys them
# 7
Aur kya dekhna baaki hai ... aapse dil laga ke dekh liye
I have nothing more to see ... after being in love with you
# 8
Har din, ek pal, ek lamha aaisa hota hai ... jab rab sabki baat sunta hai ... aur sochi hui baat sach ho jaati hai
Everyday there is a moment in time when ... God listens to everyone ... and the thought in mind becomes a reality
# 9
Sati Savitri ke door ke rishtey ki cousin
Hey you distant cousin of a honest lady
# 10
Parda nahi jab koi khuda se ... bandho se parda karna kya
When you don't hide anything from God ... then why do you hide anything from people
# 11
Sharma gaye, lajja gaye, daaman chhuda gaye ... aye ishq marhaba, woh yahan tak toh aa gaye
She felt shy, she was embarrassed and she freed her hem ... oh my love, at least she came till here
# 12
Aankhon mein kuch nammi si hai ... chup chup se woh behte hai ... nazuk si nighaon mein nazuk sa fasana hai
There is some softness in the eyes ... and he is sitting quietly ... in his sensitive eyes there is a sensitive story
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