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Priyanka Chopra

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# 1
Yeh meri himmat kahan ki main aapse shikva karoon ... aap hona chahte hai bewafaa, ho jahiye ... aapke kadamon par laakar rakh di hai dil aur jaan ... meri mohabbat ki duniya ke khuda ho jahiye
I don't have the courage to complain against you ... if you want to become unfaithful, then so be it ... I have kept my heart and life in your feet ... please become the god of my love life
# 2
Aaj samaaj mein uski izzat hoti hai joh kanoon todhta hai ... lekin main uski izzat karti hoon joh kanoon todhne waale ko todhta hai
Today the society respects those who break the law ... but I respect those, who break the people who break the law
# 3
Indian aadmi jahan bhi rahe, kuch bhi kare ... hamesha Indian hi rahega
Wherever a Indian man stays, whatever he does ... he will always remain Indian
# 4
Aap humse hamari zindagi maang lete hum aapko khushi khushi de dete ... par aapne toh humse hamara guroor cheen liya
If you would have asked even for my life, I would have given that happily ... but you snatched my pride from me
# 5
Yahan ke naukar, maaliko se zyada wafaadar hai
The servants here are more trustworthy than their masters
# 6
Heere mein heera ho toh usse kehte hai Kohinoor ... Rao ka naam lete hi Kashi ke chehre par aata hai noor
The best of the diamonds is called as the Kohinoor ... and Kashi's face lights up when Rao's name is called
# 7
Jag mein kho jaane waale toh kabhi kabhi mil bhi jaate hai ... lekin joh apne hi ghar ke aangan mein kho jaaye ... woh itni aasaani se nahi milte
People lost in the world can be found sometimes ... but those who get lost in the courtyard of their own house ... cannot be found easily
# 8
Beete din bhoolne ke liye hote hai ... yaad rakhne ke liye nahi
The past days are there to be forgotton ... and not to be remembered
# 9
Na jaagte hue khwab dekha karo, na chaho usse jise paa na sako ... pyar kahan kisi ka poora hota hai, pyar ka pehla akshar adhoora hota hai
Don't dream while you're awake, don't love someone you can't get ... no one's love ever gets completed, the first letter of love itself is incomplete
# 10
Mohabbat ka matlab ikraar nahi hota, sirf kisi ko dekhna pyar nahi hota ... yun toh milte hai roz mohabbat-e-pehgham, mohabbat hai zindagi baar baar nahi hota
Love doesn't mean to confess, love is not just looking at someone ... I do get love letters everyday, but love is life and it doesn't happen everyday
# 11
Aapke apradhon ki itni sangeen filein hai mere paas ... kam se kam saat baar phansi par latkaongi aur ek sau terah saal ki jail
I have so many solid files of your crimes ... that I'll get you hanged at least 7 times along with 113 years of jail
# 12
Jab khaki ka rang sahi ho na ... toh chahe usse mard pehne ya aurat ... tum jaise namardon ko chutki mein uski aukaat dikha deti hai
When the colour of the police uniform is right ... then it doesn't matter if a man or a woman wears it ... it's more than enough to bring down impotent people like you in a snap
# 13
Kabhi kisi ko itna bhi mat darrao ki darr hi khatam ho jaye
Don't scare someone so much that they are not scared anymore
# 14
Sapne jab tootte hai ... unki goonj ka asar bahut gehra hota hai
When dreams break ... the effect of its resonance is very deep
# 15
Us intezaar se kya gila joh tere deedar pe khatam ho
I have no complaints against the wait that ends with your sight
# 16
Woh wish hi kya joh aasaan ho, jisse paane mein na ho todhi si ladai ... mile toh lage kuch hai paaya, varna zindagi toh humne bus yun hi bitai
A wish must not be easy and there should be a small battle in achieving it ... and when it gets fulfilled, it should feel that you have achieved something otherwise we have lived our lives just like that
# 17
Duniya ki har biwi ne kabhi na kabhi toh yeh zaroor soocha hoga ... ki main hamesha hamesha ke liye apne pati se chutkara kaise paon
Every wife in this world has definitely thought at some point or the other ... as to how can she get rid of her husband forever
# 18
Pata nahi tum kaun se zamane se transport ho kar aaye ho
Not sure, from what era have you been transported
# 19
Jisse tairna aata hota ho ... usse doobkar atmahatya karne ki koshish nahi karni chahiye
One who knows to swim ... should not attempt suicide by trying to drown
# 20
Joh cheez kismat mein nahi hoti ... woh dhoondne se bhi nahi milti
Things that aren't in your destiny ... you won't get them even on searching
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