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Neha Dhupia

# 1
Relationship TV screen ki images ki tarah hoti hai ... woh images badalti hai aur tabhi ek story banti hai
Relationship is like a set of images of a TV screen ... those images change and then a story forms
# 2
Kutte ki dumm aur mard ki akal ... kabhi seedhi nahi ho sakti
A dog's tail and a man's mind ... can never be straight
# 3
Shaadi mein sirf do jism nazdeek nahi aate ... unki aatmaon ka bhi milan hota hai
In a marriage not only two bodies come near ... but their souls also unite
# 4
Maut bhi unse itna hi darti hai ... jitna film industry piracy se
Even death is so scared of him ... as much as the film industry is scared of piracy
# 5
Shareer ke rishton se bhi alag kuch rishtey hote hai ... zindagi aur maut ke rishtey ... insaaniyat ke rishtey
There are some relationships other than the relationship of body ... the relationships of life and death ... the relationships of humanity
# 6
Tera mera sheeshay ka ghar ... phir kyun dono ke haath mein patthar ... main bhi soochon, tu bhi sooch ... kya tujhe maloom na tha leheren aati hai, jaati hai ... phir bhi kyun likha naam ret par ... tu bhi sooch, main bhi soochon ... kyun teri behen beti ghar mein aur kisi ki bazaar mein ... tu bhi sooch, main bhi soochon
Our houses are made with glass ... they why do we both have stones in our hands ... I'll think and you think as well ... didn't you know that waves come and go ... then why did you write our names in the sand ... you think and I'll think as well ... why is it that your sister and daughter are in the house and someone else's are in the market ... you think and I'll think as well
# 7
Tum ek aaise insaan ho joh puja ke phool arthi par aur arthi ke phool kisi ke birthday par present kar sakte ho
You are such a person who can present the flowers of a prayer on a bier and the flowers of a bier on a birthday
# 8
Aadmiyon ko jagah jagah ki thaali mein khaane ki aadat hoti hai
Men have the habit to eat from plates in different places
# 9
Kuch kahaniyan sunane ke liye nahi ... sirf yaad rakhne ke liye hoti hai
Some stories are not meant to be told ... they are there only to be remembered
# 10
Khushi aati nahi hai ... haasil ki jaati hai
Happiness does not come by itself ... one has to procure it
# 11
Mard toh mard hi hota hai ... chahe kahin ka bhi ho
A man is a man ... no matter where he is from
# 12
Mann mein paap ho toh insaan kabhi sukhi nahi reh sakta
A human can never stay happy if he has evilness in his heart
# 13
Darre woh joh loha na khaate ho
Those who don't eat iron should be scared
# 14
Sunrise hote hue joh baat hamare dil mein ubharti hai ... woh suraj ki tarah halke halke light up hote hi ... hamare dil-o-dimaag aur hamari poori zindagi pe cha jaati hai
The thought that rises in our heart during a sunrise ... that thought lights up slowly slowly like the sun ... and it suffuses our heart, mind and our entire life
# 15
Pati patni ke rishtey mein sorry aur thank you ki koi jagah nahi hoti
There is no space for sorry and thank you in a husband wife relationship
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