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Release Year - 2017
# 1
Jalte ghar ko dekhne walon phoos ka chappar aapka hai ... aag ke peeche tezz hawa, aage muqadar aapka hai
People who look at burning houses, remember that your roof is also made from grass ... there's a gust of wind behind the fire, hence the destiny ahead will be yours
# 2
Jungle mein sirf ek sher hota hai ... aur shehar mein sirf ek khalifa ... baki joh hote hai woh sirf hote hai
There can only be one tiger in a jungle ... and there can only be one successor in a city ... everyone else is just useless
# 3
Yeh shehar jitna zameen ke upar hai na ... utna hi zameen ke neeche hai
The height this city has above the ground ... it is that much deeper beneath the ground as well
# 4
Talab ki raah mein kuch paane se pehle kuch khona padta hai ... bade saude nazar mein ho toh chota hona padta hai
In the path of finding something you have to lose something before you find something ... if you have big deals in sight then you have to become small
# 5
Sirf hungama khada karna mera maqsad nahi, mera maqsad nahi meri koshish hai yeh soorat badalni chahiye ... aaj yeh deewaar parde ki tarah hilne lagi, sharat yeh thi lekin ki buniyaad hilni chahiye ... meere seene mein na sahi, tumhare seene mein sahi ... ho kahin bhi aag, lekin aag jalni chahiye
It's not my intention to just make a blast, it's my attempt that the faces must change ... today this wall is shaking like a curtain, but the bet was to shake the foundation ... if not in my heart, then atleast in your heart ... it doesn't matter where the fire is, but the fire must keep on burning
# 6
Mutthi mein band hai maut ka khel ... dekh raha hai tujhe aasmaan se sohail
The game of death is locked in your fist ... the stars are staring at you from the sky
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