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Poster Boys

Release Year - 2017
# 1
Itni zor se patkunga ki tappa khakar chatt se lagega
I'll throw you so hard that you'll bounce and fall on the terrace
# 2
Joh lada jung ke maidan par wohi shaheed hua ... lekin joh lada hi nahi woh pehle hi gaya ... samman ki is ladai mein apmaan bhi hoga ... lekin joh apni nazaron se girega woh atmasamman se bhi gaya ... besharamon ki is basti mein ab humne toh thaan li hai ... tann pe rahe na ek bhi kapda lekin izzat humne apni zaroor bachani hai
The one who fought in the battlefield is the one who became a martyr ... but the one who didn't even fight is dead before that ... in this fight for respect we'll might get disrespected ... but the one who falls in his own eyes has lost even his self-respect ... now in this colony of shameless people we've decided that ... even if we don't have a single piece of clothing on our body but still we have to protect our dignity
# 3
Sachai ke saath saath agar kuch chahiye toh woh hai sansani ... yehi hai aaj ki sachai
If you need something along with truth then that's sensation ... this is the truth of today
# 4
Jwalamukhi vaise toh teen prakar ke hote hai ... shant jwalamukhi, yeh kabhi nahi phat'te ... jagrut jwalamukhi, yeh bewajah hi phat'te hai ... aur prasuk jwalamukhi, yeh upar se toh shant dikhte hai par jab phat'te hai
There are three types of volcanoes ... a silent volcano, they never erupt ... a lively volcano, they erupt for no reason ... and a pure volcano, they seem to be silent from the top but when they erupt they cause destruction
# 5
Kabhi kabhi bada sach samne laane ke liye, chota jhooth bolna galat baat nahi
Sometimes to bring forward a big truth, it's not wrong to say a small lie
# 6
Aap toh fauji ki jagah mann mauji nikle
Instead of being a soldier you turned out to be a carefree person
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