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Abhay Deol

# 1
Duniya aurat chalati hai ... aadmi toh bas chalta hai
Women drive this world ... a man simply lives in it
# 2
Yeh the mantally sick ho chuka hai
He has become mentally sick
# 3
Hum ladte hai toh sirf isliye ... taaki baad mein ek doosre ko mana sake
We fight only because ... we can convince each other after that
# 4
Mumbai ... suna tha aadmi yahan poori zindagi apni kismat slow track se fast track laane mein nikaal deta hai
Mumbai ... I had heard that people here spend their entire life trying to bring their destiny from a slow track onto a fast track
# 5
Cigarette aur dost ... dono filter hone chahiye
Cigarette and friends ... both must be filtered
# 6
Main seedhe sadhe dhang se kehta hoon apni baat ... ek ghar basana chahta hoon main tumhare saath ... kya dogi mere haathon mein bolo tum apna haath
I'll say my point in a straight manner ... I want to settle down in a home with you ... tell me if you'll give your hand in my hand
# 7
Kadam sambhal ke chalna toh subah bajegi khushiyon ki shehnai ... varna phir tu, tera takiya, aur teri tanhai
If you are careful then there will be music of happiness in the morning ... or else it will be you, your pillow and your loneliness
# 8
Yeh duniya bati hui hai dharam ke naam par, desh ke naam par, rang ke naam par, jaat ke naam par ... par yeh woh sarhaden hai jise insaan ne kheenchi hui hai ... lekin in sabse upar hai woh jise insaan ne nahi uparwaale ne banaya hai ... pyar
This world is distributed in the name of religion, in the name of country, in the name of colour, in the name of caste ... and these are those boundaries that humans have made ... but bigger than all of this is what god has made and not humans ... that is love
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