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Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love Story

Release Year - 2005
# 1
Talwar ke zor par takht cheenne waale ko ... baaghi kaha ja sakta hai, shahenshah nahi
The one who snatches a throne using a sword ... can be called a rebel, not a king
# 2
Allah ke noor se chalka hai chehra ... yeh kaisi bandagi banta hai chehra ... joh kal tak ajnabi anjaan sa tha ... hamari zindagi banta hai chehra
This face is glowing because of Allah's light ... what kind of a prayer is this face ... the one who was a stranger until yesterday ... has become the face of my life
# 3
Mohabbat karne waale aur mohabbat ka saath dene waale ... kabhi nahi marte
People in love and people who support love ... never die
# 4
Hamari is rangeen duniya mein jab aap hamari mallika hongi ... zindagi jaise jannat mein basar hogi
In my colourful world when you become my princess ... then life will be like living in heaven
# 5
Mohabbat junoon hai ... na jagah dekhti hai, na waqt ... yeh toh bas deedar chahti hai
Love is passion ... it doesn't care for the place, nor time ... it just desires a glimpse
# 6
Jism mitti hai mitti mein mil jayega ... rooh ka jalwa phir bhi nazar aayega
The body is dust and it will mix with dust ... but the talent of the soul will still be visible
# 7
Hamari mohabbat na unke hukum ki mohtaj hai ... na aapke genaune saazish ki ghulam
My love is not dependent on their order ... and neither is it a slave of your ugly conspiracy
# 8
Shahenshah hokar bhi tu shahenshah nahi ... insaan hokar bhi tu insaan nahi
Being a king you're still not a king ... being a human you're still not a human
# 9
Har ek dil yahan ek dil talash karta hai ... wafaa ki, pyar ki manzil talash karta hai ... yahan parwane shama se kareeb hote hai ... haseen nazaron pe shehzaade shaheed hote hai ... yahan dil lene dene ki ada bhi kaatil hai ... yahan ke vaade bahut dil-nasheen hote hai ... joh bekaraar kare woh karaar kehte hai ... is bazar ko Meena Bazar kehte hai
Every heart here is looking for a heart ... it is looking for faithfulness and love ... here lovers are close to their love ... here princes become martyrs for beautiful eyes ... here even the style of giving and taking a heart is brutal ... here the promises are very attractive ... those who make you restless are asking for peace ... this bazar is called Meena Bazar
# 10
Bas ek nigah se ab har nazar tumhari hai ... meri har raah bewaqt rahguzar tumhari hai ... mera har din tumhare naam pe jeeyega sanam ... meri har shyam, meri har subah tumhari hai
With one glimpse of you, every sight of mine is now your's ... every path of mine is now your road at any time ... everyday of mine will live on your name ... every evening of mine, every morning of mine is yours
# 11
Woh toofan hi kya joh jaan na lele ... aur woh jaan hi kya joh toofan se darr jaye
What good is a storm that doesn't take a life ... and what good is a life that is scared of a storm
# 12
Woh mohabbat jispar qazi ki mohar na ho ... gunah kehlati hai
The love that doesn't have the approval stamp from a judge ... is called a crime
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