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Patriotism Dialogues

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# 141
Maa aur mulk badle nahi jate
One does not change their mother and country
# 142
Hindustaniyo ke samne ... Hindustan ko jalane ki baatein nahi karte
In front of Indian's ... don't talk about burning India
# 143
Har insaan pehle Hindustani hai ... phir baad mein Musalman ya Hindu
Every person is an Indian first ... then Muslim or Hindu
# 144
Desh ke kone kone mein bijli laane se andhera nahi mitega ... hum sabko ek hokar andhvishwas ke andheron se ladna hoga
You won't eliminate darkness by bringing light to every corner of the country ... for that we'll have to unite and fight against the darkness of superstition
# 145
Agar tum apne kaam mein imaandaar ho ... toh desh ke saath gadaari kar hi nahi sakti
If you're honest in doing your job ... then you'll never be unfaithful to your country
# 146
Sirf pistol aur bomb kabhi inquilaab nahi la sakte ... balki inquilaab ki talwar vichaaron ki saan par tezz hoti hai
Revolution cannot be brought with pistol and bomb alone ... instead the sword of revolution gets sharpened on the platform of ideas
# 147
Agar hum apni jansankhya ko jan ki sankhya nahi balki zehan ki sankhya ki tarah dekhe ... toh duniya mein humse badi taqat aur koi ho nahi sakti
If we look at our population not as a unit of people but as a unit of smartness ... then there's no bigger power than us in this world
# 148
Yeh illaka tera ho, tere baap ka ho, ya tere baap ke baap ka ho ... yeh desh hamara hai
Whether this area is yours, your fathers, or your grandfathers ... this country is mine
# 149
Neetu Singh jab koi mission par nikalti hai toh kafan apne saath lekar chalti hai ... ya toh dushman ko pehna deti hai ... ya khud pehenkar desh par shaheed ho jaati hai
When Neetu Singh leaves on any mission she takes a shroud with her ... which she puts it on the enemy ... or else she puts it on herself and becomes a martyr for the country
# 150
Main chahta hoon Hindustan ka har aadmi jiye toh sher ki tarah jiye ... varna pehda hote hi marr jaye
I want that every man of India should live like a tiger ... or else die itself when he is born
# 151
Is desh mein jitni nafrat Kasab ke liye hai ... utni hi izzat Kalam ke liye hai
The amount of hatred this country has for Kasab ... we have the same amount of respect for Abdul Kalam
# 152
Ek mulk kagaz pe naksho ki lakeeron se nahi badhta ... mulk badhta hai rang se, bhasha se, dharam se, zaat se
A country doesn't grow by the boundaries it defines on a map ... a country grows with different colours, languages, religions and caste
# 153
Aapka shasan jise apradh kehta hai ... hamari bhasha mein usse kranti kehte hai
What your reign calls a crime ... in our language we call it revolution
# 154
Soora so pehchaniye joh lare deen ke het ... purja purja kat marre, kabh hoon na chhade khet
One who fights for the underprivileged is brave ... and also sacrifices himself slain to pieces, but does not give up the hearth
# 155
Desh pe marne waala, kabhi nahin marta
One who dies for the country, never dies
# 156
Is desh ki mitti ke ghar kahi baar toote hain ... magar is desh ki mitti ka mard kabhi nahin toota hai
Houses made from the soil of this country have broken many a times ... but man made from the soil of this country has never broken
# 157
Signal pe khada hawaldar sau rupaye mein meherban hai ... naam tumhara Khan toh aatankvadi poora khandan hai ... wahan apne hi ghar mein pankhe pe latak raha kisaan hai ... lekin mera desh mahaan hai
The traffic cop standing on the signal will let you go for 100 bucks ... if your name is Khan then it means that your entire family is a terrorist ... over there a farmer is hanging himself from a fan in his own house ... but still you're saying that our country is great
# 158
(Kafi jazbaati ho) - Na, sirf Bharatwadi
(You're very emotional) - No, I'm just a patriot of my country India
# 159
Hindustan aatank se nahi ... aatank Hindustan se darega
India won't fear terrorism ... terrorism will fear India
# 160
Desh se door rehta hoon ... lekin desh ko apne dil ke kareeb rakhta hoon
I live far away from my country ... but I keep my country close to my heart
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