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Patriotism Dialogues

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# 101
Main tiranga lehrakar aaunga ... nahin toh us mein lipatke aaunga ... lekin aaunga zaroor
I'll come making sure that the Indian flag is flying high ... or else I'll come wrapped in it ... but I'll come for sure
# 102
Hamare itihaas mein aise kayi log hai jinhe koi inaam, koi medal nahi milta ... hum unka naam tak nahi jaante ... na hi unhe pehchante hai ... sirf watan ke jhande par apni yaad chhod jaate hai
There are many people in our history who don't get any medal or recognition ... we don't even know their name ... neither can we identify them ... they just leave behind their memories on our country's flag
# 103
Hamara desh ek sone ki chidiya hai, jise aap log bech-bechkar, bech-bechkar apne pet mein dharna chahte ho ... phat jayega pet, mooh mein nahi aayegi chidiya ... kyun ki ab woh chidiya baaz ban chuki hai ... joh aapko noch-nochke, noch-nochke kha jayegi
Our country is a golden bird which you guys have sold to feed your stomach ... your stomach will blow up, but this bird will not come in your mouth ... because now that bird has become an eagle ... who will tear you into pieces and eat you
# 104
America mein jao toh American milenge, Germany mein jao toh German milenge, France mein jao toh aapko Frenchmen milenge, England mein jao toh Englishmen milenge ... aur India mein jao toh aapko milenge Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayali, Bengali ... Indian kahan hai?
If you go to America you'll get Americans, if you go to Germany you'll get Germans, if you go to France you'll get Frenchmen, if you go to England you'll get Englishmen ... and if you go to India then you'll get Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayali, Bengali ... where are the Indians?
# 105
Zameen toh maa hoti hai ... aur maa ke tukde nahi kiye jaate
The land is the mother ... and one does not divide a mother into pieces
# 106
Jab jab is desh mein tum jaisa rakshas aayega ... mitaake rakh dega usse is desh ka yeh tiranga
Whenever a demon like you will come in this country ... the flag of this country will eliminate him
# 107
Hum duniya ki nazaron mein girenge ya khare utrenge ... yeh pata nahi ... lekin itna yakeen hai ... ki hum khud apne aap se nazarein milake yeh keh payenge ... ki humne joh socha woh desh ke liye tha ... humne joh kiya woh desh ke liye hai ... aur humne joh paaya woh desh ka hoga
Whether the world will judge us good or bad ... I don't know that ... but I'm confident that ... we will be able to look at ourselves and say that ... whatever we thought was for the country ... whatever we did was for the country ... and whatever we've achieved will be for the country
# 108
Jab chaati pe India likha ho ... toh dil nahi bharta
When you have India written on your heart ... then you can never be done
# 109
Ek hi toh mulk hai ... jahan Hindustan se gaye huye har aatankvadi ko kaha jaata hai ... khushamdeed, khushamdeed
There is only one country ... where every terrorist that goes there from Hindustan is said ... welcome, welcome
# 110
Mulk ka har sipahi jaanta hai ki, uske jism par woh khaki vardi ... joh uska maan hai ... woh vardi uska kafan bhi ban sakti hai
Every soldier of the country knows that, the uniform on his body ... which is his pride ... that same uniform can also become his shroud
# 111
Agar apni azaadi ke liye ladna apradh hai ... toh haan maine apradh kiya hai
If fighting for our independence is a crime ... then yes I have committed a crime
# 112
Mera joota hai Japani, yeh patloon Englishtani, sar pe laal topi Russi ... phir bhi dil hai Hindustani
My shoes are Japanese, these pants are British, I have a Russian red hat on my head ... but still my heart is Indian
# 113
Is desh mein, do Bharat baste hain
In this country, there are two India's
# 114
Woh hum mein maar sakte hai ... lekin hamare khayalo ko nahi, humaare maqsad ko nahi
They can kill us ... but not our thoughts, not our motive
# 115
Hindustani Hindu ho ya Musalman ... ab kisine ungli ki ... toh haath judega nahi, todega
Whether an Indian is Hindu or Muslim ... now if someone messes with us ... then our hands won't plead them, instead they'll break them apart
# 116
Hum uss desh ke vasi hai ... jis desh mein Ganga behti hai
I am the citizen of the country ... in which the river Ganges flows
# 117
Paiso ke liye aatankwadi ladte hai, sipahi nahi ... sipahi sirf apne vatan ki izzat aur mulk ki hifazat ke liye ladte hai
Terrorist fight for money, not soldiers ... soldiers only fight for the respect and the protection of their country
# 118
Meri himmat aam aadmi ki himmat hai ... is desh ki himmat hai
My courage is a common mans courage ... it is the courage of this country
# 119
Hamare yahan jawaan marte nahi hai ... ya toh vijayi lautte hai ya amar
On our side soldiers don't die ... they either return victorious or immortal
# 120
Koi bhi mission mera ya tumhara nahi ... desh ka hota hai
No mission is either yours or mine ... it is of the country
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