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Taapsee Pannu

# 1
Pagalpan ki hadh se na guzre, woh pyar hi kaisa
Love that doesn't cross the limits of craziness, ain't love
# 2
Main tenu phir milangi ... shayad ek khayal banke tere mann mein jotrangi ... ya tere mathe di lakeer banke khamosh tenu takhti rawangi ... main tenu phir milangi ... kithe, kis tarah, pata nahi ... main tenu phir milangi
I'll meet with you again ... may be I'll live in your heart like a thought ... or may be I'll secretly stare at you becoming a destiny line of your forehead ... I'll meet with you again ... where and how, I don't know that ... I'll meet with you again
# 3
Kuch toh kaam karlo ... ek dum aadat chhod doge toh kaisa chalega
Please do some work ... if you'll leave your habit right away then how's it going to work
# 4
Amar prem wohi hai jispe khoon ke halke halke se cheente ho ... taaki usse buri nazar na lage
Eternal love is something that has light marks of blood on it ... so that no one can cast an evil eye on it
# 5
Har kahani ke na bahut pehlu hote hai ... farak bas yeh hota hai ke kahani suna kaun raha hai
Every story has many facets ... the difference just lies between who's reciting the story
# 6
Ek mulk kagaz pe naksho ki lakeeron se nahi badhta ... mulk badhta hai rang se, bhasha se, dharam se, zaat se
A country doesn't grow by the boundaries it defines on a map ... a country grows with different colours, languages, religions and caste
# 7
Hum aur woh milke is mulk ko thodi na banate hai ... hum is mulk ko banate hai
We and them collectively don't form this country ... it's just we together that forms this country
# 8
(Mujhe nahi samajh mein aata yeh kaisa pyar hai aapka) ... Yeh woh wala hai jis mein jitna karo na kam padta hai
(I don't understand your type of love) ... It's that type in which you always feel that it's less, no matter how much you love
# 9
Mardangi dhoti aur moochon mein na hove hai ... mardangi jigar mein hove hai
Manliness isn't in wearing a loincloth and growing a moustache ... manliness is in being courageous
# 10
Yehi toh problem hai arranged marriage ki ... love marriage mein mehnat karni padti hai na ... arranged marriage mein pakki-pakai parosi huyi ladki samne mil jaati hai na
This is the problem in arranged marriage ... to be in a love marriage you have to work hard ... but in an arranged marriage you get a girl ready to go in front of you
# 11
Tu banda na bada sahi hai ... lekin zimmedari ke naam pe na hug deta hai
You're an awesome guy ... but you always screw up when it comes to responsibilities
# 12
Switzerland jaane wala tujhe Shahabad mein hi hazaron mil jayenge aur desh mein karodon ... lekin sirf gyarah pagal honge jinka kisi ladki ko dekhke goal se dhayan nahi bhatkega ... kyun ki woh kisi pool ya gaadi ke liye goal nahi maar rahe hai ... India ke liye goal maar rahe hai
In Shahabad itself you'll find thousands of guys who want to go to Switzerland, and millions in this country ... but there'll only be eleven mad guys who don't get distracted from their goal when they see a girl ... because they aren't shooting a goal for a pool or a car ... they're shooting a goal for India
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