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Sunil Shetty

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# 1
Main tumhe bhool jaon yeh ho nahi sakta ... aur tum mujhe bhool jao yeh main hone nahi doonga
Me forgetting you is never going to happen ... and you forgetting me I won't let that happen
# 2
Ek sachche desh bhakt ko hum fauj se nikaal sakte hai ... lekin uske dil se desh bhakti nahi
We can only remove a true patriot from the army ... but we can't remove the patriotism from his heart
# 3
Shehar ka sabse bada gunda ... doosre gunday ko zamanat par le jaane aaya hai
The biggest goon of the city ... has come to bail the other goon
# 4
Yeh desh sirf do hi logon pe hasta hai ... hijhron par aur hum policewaalon par ... kyun ki nah hi woh kuch kar sakte hai, aur nah hi hum kuch kar sakte hai
This country only laughs on two people ... on eunuchs and on policemen like us ... because neither they can do anything, and neither can we do anything
# 5
Kyun main jeet ke bhi haar gaya ... aur woh haar kar bhi jeet gaya?
Why did I lose even after winning ... and why did he win even after losing?
# 6
Dilwale toh bahut dekhe, lekin pyar mein joh pagal ho jaye ... aise dilwale ko aaj pehli baar dekha
I have seen many hearty people, but someone who will go mad in love ... that hearty person I am seeing for the first time
# 7
Meri kismat mujhpe kya rohegi ... tumhari mohabbat joh mere saath hai
My destiny can't cry on me ... your love is there with me
# 8
Is janam toh kya ... woh saat janamon tak jeet nahi sakta
Forget this life ... he can't win for the next seven lives
# 9
Bade bade dekhe hai ... lekin aapse bada nahi
I have seen very big people ... but none bigger than you
# 10
Hum Hindustani policewaale jahanum tak us shaksh ka peecha nahi chhodte ... joh is vardi ki beizzati karta hai
We Indian policemen follow a person all the way to hell ... who humiliates this uniform
# 11
Na Hinduo se hai, na Musalmano se hai ... is mulk mein taqleef baimaano se hai
Not Hindus, not Muslims ... this country has a problem with traitors
# 12
Hum toh kisi doosre ki dharti par nazar bhi nahi dalte ... lekin itne nalayak bachche bhi nahi hai ... ki koi hamari dharti maa par nazar daale aur hum chup chap dekhte rahe
We don't even eye on someone elses land ... but we are not so unworthy kids ... that we will sit quiet if someone eyes on our land
# 13
Bahut waqt ke baad ... yeh waqt aaya hai
After a long time ... has this time come
# 14
Koi bhi mazaak karlo ... lekin apne se bichadne ki baat mazaak mein bhi mat karna
You can joke about anything ... but don't talk about separating from you even in a joke also
# 15
Khilono se khelte khelte ... bachche jawaan ho jaate hai
Playing with toys ... turns kids into youth
# 16
Shaadi ke bagair mohabbat gunaah hai
Love without marriage is a crime
# 17
Business mein oonchai kaminepan se nahi ... commitment poora karne se milti hai
Growth in business is achieved by completing commitments ... not by being sneaky
# 18
Tumhare haathon mein woh rekhayein hai, joh mere haathon mein nahi hai ... tumhare maathe pe woh lakeerein hai, joh mere maathe par nahi hai
You have those palm lines on your hand, which I don't have on my hand ... and the destiny you have on your forehead, I don't have that on my forehead
# 19
Pyar toh usne kiya, humne to bas dillagi ki
He fell in love, I just did pleasantry
# 20
Kaun saala marta hai ... aur agar marr bhi gaya memsaab ... toh hamesha ke liye dhadkunga tumhare seene mein ... tumhari dhadkan bankar
Who the hell dies ... and even if I die madam ... then I will beat forever in you ... by becoming your heartbeat
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