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Patriotism Dialogues

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# 81
Yeh mitti pyasi hai, jis din iski pyaas bhuj jayegi ... yeh mitti sona ban jayegi
This land is thirsty and the day its thirst will end ... this land will turn into gold
# 82
Main woh mashaal banungi joh har Bharatiya ke andar azaadi ki bhook bankar dehkegi
I'll become that flame which will burn in every Indian's heart like the hunger for freedom
# 83
Desh toh apna ho gaya hai ... lekin log paraye ho gaye hain
The country has become ours ... but people have become outsiders
# 84
Zaroori nahi hai zindagi mein sab kuch seekhna ... sirf ek baat seekh lo sab kuch aa jayega ... aur woh hai mathrubhumi se niswarth prem
It's not important to learn everything in life ... just learn one thing and you'll understand everything else ... and that is to love your motherland without being selfish
# 85
Kisaan aur pehalwan mein ek hi cheez ek jaise hove hai ... woh hai maati
There is only one common thing between a farmer and a wrestler ... and that is the soil of your motherland
# 86
Tumse toh woh vaishyan achchi hoti hai joh bechti zaroor hai, magar apna jism bechti hai ... apne desh ko, apni aatma ko, apne imaan ko nahi bechti
A prostitute is better than you because even though she sells, she sells her body ... and not her country, not her soul, not her dignity
# 87
Har Maratha pagal hai ... swaraj ka, Shivaji raje ka, bagwe ka
Every Maratha is crazy ... for independence, for Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, for the saffron flag
# 88
Apne yahan ki mitti ki khushboo hai na ... woh toh ajnabi logo ki saanson mein bhi sanskar bhar deti hai
Even the smell of soil from our place ... fills culture in the breath of strange people
# 89
Tumhari tarah Mahatma Gandhi bahet gaye hote ghar mein ... biwi biwi beta beta karte huye ... toh tum aaj bhi kisi angrez ke ghar mein latrine saaf kar rahe hote
If like you Mahatma Gandhi would had sat in the house doing wife wife son son ... then even today you would have be cleaning a toilet in an Englishman's house
# 90
Mere scientist ban'ne ka koi matlab nahi hai ... agar mera science mere desh ke kaam na aaye
There's no use of me becoming a scientist ... if my science isn't going to help my country
# 91
Deen deen har har Mahadev ki chingaari ko humein poore desh mein jagana hai ... azaadi toh ek din milni hi hai ... magar usse pehle humein hamare apno ko jagana hai
We need to ignite the chant of Hail Lord Shiva in the entire country ... we'll definitely attain our independence one day ... but before that we need to awaken our dear ones
# 92
Punjab, Sind, Gujarat, Maharashtra ... Bangal ho ke Hyderabad ... Hindustan ke hum hai ... Hindustan hamara
Punjab, Sind, Gujarat, Maharashtra ... be it Bengal or Hyderabad ... we belong to India ... and India is ours
# 93
Jab baat Hindustan Pakistan ki ho rahi ho ... toh har Hindustani ek hi taraf hota hai
When the question is about India and Pakistan ... then every Indian is on one side
# 94
Border pe marne se zyada bada nasha koi nahin hai
There is no intoxication bigger than dying on the border
# 95
Jis goli se tu marega uske upar aisa bade mein likha hoinga ... Made in India
The bullet that will kill you will be stamped in bold reading ... Made in India
# 96
Ladka hai, ladka hai Sir ... lekin Hindustani nahin hai
He is a boy, he is a boy Sir ... but not an Indian
# 97
Apni betiyon ki izzat bachane ke liye yeh tiranga sau daffa kat sakta hai ... aur is tirange ki aan bachane ke liye hum bharatwasi hazar daffa mar sakte hai ... aur tujh jaiso ko lakhon lakhon lakhon tukdon mein phaad sakte hai
This tri-coloured flag is ready to tear apart a hundred times to save the honour of its daughters ... and we Indians are ready to die a thousand times to save the honour of this tri-coloured flag ... also we can tear you apart into millions of pieces
# 98
Jiski nasson mein imaandari ka khoon daud raha ho ... jiska dil desh ke liye dhadakta ho ... uska josh kabhi thanda nahi padh sakta
People who have honesty running in their blood ... people whose heart beats for their country ... their passion can never become cold
# 99
Hum us desh ke waasi hai jis desh mein Ganga behti hai ... aur jis desh mein bahu apne saas sasur ke samne sar par pallu daal ke rehti hai
I am from the country where the Ganga (river) flows ... and from the country where a daughter-in-law wheres a veil on her head in front of her mother-in-law and father-in-law
# 100
Hamare itihaas mein aise kayi log hai jinhe koi inaam, koi medal nahi milta ... hum unka naam tak nahi jaante ... na hi unhe pehchante hai ... sirf watan ke jhande par apni yaad chhod jaate hai
There are many people in our history who don't get any medal or recognition ... we don't even know their name ... neither can we identify them ... they just leave behind their memories on our country's flag
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