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Release Year - 2002
# 1
Bade bade dekhe hai ... lekin aapse bada nahi
I have seen very big people ... but none bigger than you
# 2
Hindustani jaisa bhi ho, usse do cheezein bilkul pasand nahin ... ek hai cricket mein haar ... doosra apne desh pe vaar
No matter how he is, there are 2 things an Indian does not like ... one a loss in cricket ... second an attack on his nation
# 3
Sawaal yeh nahi hai ki bar mein kitni daru hai ... sawaal yeh hai ki tu kitni pee sakta hai
The question is not that how much alcohol is there in the bar ... the question is that how much can you drink
# 4
Taqdeer woh chinaal hai ... joh mere saath nahi soti
Destiny is that bitch ... who doesn't sleep with me
# 5
Saara din tu bhaukega ... ya kaatega bhi
Will you bark the whole day ... or will you bite also
# 6
Taqdeer tera bistara garam karna chahti hai ... aur tujhe sofe pe sona hai
Destiny wants to warm your bed ... and you want to sleep on the couch
# 7
Hindustaniyo ke samne ... Hindustan ko jalane ki baatein nahi karte
In front of Indian's ... don't talk about burning India
# 8
Kaan mein baali, mooh mein gaali, dimaag se khaali
He has earing in his ears, curse in his mouth, and no brains
# 9
Isse toh software or underwear ka bhi farak pata nahi
He doesn't even know the difference between software and underwear
# 10
Agar main yeh bomb tere sar pe rakhoonga toh pehle kya phatega ... yeh bomb ya tera sar ... (tu bata kya phatega) ... sabse pehle teri phategi
If I keep this bomb on your head then what will blast first ... this bomb or your head? ... (you tell what will blast) ... first you'll blast with fear
# 11
Kahani mein twist ho na ... toh mazaa aata hai
When the story has a twist ... only then there is fun
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