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Release Year - 1997
# 1
Jab do dost dushman bante hai ... toh aur bhi zyada khatarnak hote hai ... kyun ki woh ek doosre ki kamzori jante hai
When two friends become enemies ... then they become more dangerous ... because they know about each others weaknesses
# 2
Yeh illaka tera ho, tere baap ka ho, ya tere baap ke baap ka ho ... yeh desh hamara hai
Whether this area is yours, your fathers, or your grandfathers ... this country is mine
# 3
Jhoot do kisam ke hote hai ... ek bhalai ke liye aur ek burai ke liye
Lies are of two types ... one that is said for the better and one that is said for the worse
# 4
Aadmi ko hamesha ladna chahiye ... lekin jiska time achcha ho usse ladna nahi chahiye
A man should always fight ... but not with a person who has a good time going on
# 5
Is vardi ki shaan pe jaan dena seekho ... imaan bechna nahi
Learn how to give your life for this police uniform ... not how to sell your honesty
# 6
Taqat is vardi mein nahi ... iske pehenne waale ke zameer mein hoti hai
Strength doesn't lie in the police uniform ... it lies inside the conscience of the person wearing it
# 7
Aaj shyam ka suraj doobne se pehle agar mujhe paise nahi mile ... toh duniya ki bheed mein kal tum bhi kisi ko nahi miloge
If I don't get the money before today's sunset ... then tomorrow you will not be found in the crowd of this world
# 8
Joh tumhari tarah shaadi ke chakkar mein phaste hai ... woh phir hamari tarah nahi haste hai
People who get stuck in the circle of marriage ... they don't laugh like me
# 9
Naye naye chaku ki dhaar bahut tezz aur vaar bahut gehra hota hai
A new knife's edge is very sharp and the wounds from it are very deep
# 10
Aaj ke baad tune meri biwi ki taraf kadam bhi uthaya ... toh yaad rakhna yeh paon tere zameen pe rakhne ke kabil nahi rahenge
If after today even if you step towards my wife ... then remember your feet will not be capable of stepping on the ground
# 11
Yeh meri tarah bewakoof todhi hai joh shaadi ke chakkar mein phas jaye ... yeh toh sirf chakkar chalana janta hai
He is not foolish like me that he will get lost in the circle of marriage ... he only knows how to have fun
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