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Bobby Deol

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# 1
Jab uska haath mere haath mein aata hai ... do hatheliyon ke beech ek Taj Mahal ban jaata hai
When her hand comes in my hand ... then a Taj Mahal gets formed in between the two palms
# 2
Tere liye yeh kehna bahut mushkil hai ... ki tu zyada gira hua baap hai ... ya zyada gira hua insaan
When it comes to you, it is very hard to say ... whether you are a more bad father ... or a more bad person
# 3
Tumsa koi aur is zameen pe hua, toh rab se shikayat hogi ... tumhe chahane waala koi aur hua, toh qayamat se pehle qayamat hogi
If there is anyone like you on the earth, then I will complain to God ... and if there is someone else who loves you, then there will be a disaster before a disaster
# 4
Tum logon ko na chitta ki aag milegi ... na dharti maa ki godh
You guys will not get the fire for your pyre ... and neither the lap of the motherland
# 5
Dil mein hasratein pehda is liye hoti hai ... ke ek din poori ho sake
Desires are born within a heart so that ... one day they can be fulfilled
# 6
Pyar karne waalo ke dil aur jaan kab ek doosre ke ho jaate hai ... unhe khud pata nahi chalta
When does the heart and soul of people in love become one ... even they don't come to know that
# 7
Dil achcha ho ya na ho ... lekin shakal, surat aur kapde achche hone chahiye
Whether your heart is good or not ... but your face, looks and clothes must be good
# 8
Jab tak meri saansein chalengi ... mera inteqam zinda rahega
Until I breathe ... my revenge will stay alive
# 9
Tumhare seene mein joh dil hai woh Hindustani hai ... aur Hindustani dil awaara nahi hota ... yeh chahta toh sari duniya ko hai, lekin mitta kisi Hindustani par hai
The heart that you have within you is of an Indian ... and an Indian heart is not a tramp ... it loves the entire world, but it dies only for an Indian
# 10
Arre jab Dharmendra aur Sunny Deol lad rahe hai ... toh Bobby Deol kya karega
When Dharmendra and Sunny Deol are fighting ... then what will Bobby Deol do
# 11
Apni aankhen dekhi hai? ... jidhar bhi dekhti hai ek rishta kayam kar deti hai
Have you seen your eyes? ... wherever they see, they build a relationship
# 12
Is ghulam Hindustan mein agar meri shaadi hui ... toh sirf maut se hogi ... aur mere baraati honge is watan ki aan mein kurbaan hone waale shaheed
If I get married in this enslaved India ... then I will get married only to death ... and the martyrs who have sacrificed their life for the pride of this country will be in my wedding procession
# 13
Main contract lete waqt paisa dekhta hoon ... paise dene waale ko nahin
When I take a contract I look at the money ... and not at the person who pays
# 14
Yeh Punjab hai Punjab ... yahan pehle goli marte hai ... phir shayad laash se kuch baat karlein
This is Punjab, Punjab ... here first they shoot ... then may be they will talk with the dead body
# 15
Aaj ke zamaane mein sher sirf do hi jagah hifazat se reh sakte hai ... ek circus mein aur doosra chidiya ghar mein
In today's age a tiger can live safely only in two places ... one in a circus and other in a zoo
# 16
Agar bada player banna hai ... to risk bhi badi leni padti hai
If you want to become a big player ... then you have to take big risks
# 17
Yahan insaaf nahi hone waala ... yahan sirf jhoot kaha jayega, jhoot suna jayega aur jhoot likha jayega
There is not going to be any justice done here ... here only the lies will be said, the lies will be heard and the lies will be written
# 18
No FIR, no arrest, no talk ... faisla on the spot
No report, no arrest, no talk ... judgement on the spot
# 19
Mera ussool hai ... aadmi khatam, kaam khatam
My rule is ... man finished, work finished
# 20
Main contract sirf khoon karne ka leta hoon ... mohabbat ke khel khelna ka nahi
I take a contract only for killing ... not for playing love games
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