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Ajay Devgan

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# 121
Bheek mein mile desh aur daan mein mile hathyaron ke dum par itna bhaunkna theek nahi
It is not good to bark a lot on the basis of a country that you got by begging and weapons that you got by charity
# 122
Sabki ulti ginti chalu!
Start counting your days backwards!
# 123
Samaaj ko police waisi hi milti hai jaisa ki samaaj khud hota hai
The society gets the police exactly the way the society is
# 124
Zindagi badi choti hai ... bade bade faisle lene ke liye zyada time nahi lena chahiye
Life is very short ... you should not take a long time for making big decisions
# 125
Mujhe bahut darr lagta hai apne aap se aur apne gusse se
I'm very scared of myself and my anger
# 126
Na aadi na anth hai uska ... woh sabka na inka unka ... wohi shunya hai, wohi ikai ... jiske bheetar basa Shivaay ... aankh moondkar dekh raha hai ... saath samay ke khel raha hai ... Mahadev maha ekaki ... jiske liye jagat hai jagi ... wohi shunya hai, wohi ikai ... jiske bheetar basa Shivaay ... Ram bhi uska, Ravan uska ... jeevan uska maran bhi uska ... tandav hai aur dhyan bhi woh hai ... agyani ka gyan bhi woh hai ... isko kaanta lage na kankar ... rann mein Rudra, gharon mein Shankar ... anth yahi sare vighno ka ... is bhole ka vaar bhayankar ... wohi shunya hai, wohi ikai ... jiske bheetar basa Shivaay
He has no beginning or end ... he is for everyone, not just one ... he is zero as well as one ... the one in whom resides Lord Shiva ... he is watching with closed eyes ... he is playing with time ... the God of Gods is the loneliest ... for him the world is just an exhibit ... he is zero as well as one ... the one in whom resides Lord Shiva ... Lord Rama as well as Ravan belong to him ... life as well as death belong to him ... he is chaos as well as meditation ... he is knowledge for the ignorant ... he does not get hurt by thorns or stones ... he is strong in the battlefield and Shankar at home ... he ends all the troubles ... the attack of this innocent one is fierce ... he is zero as well as one ... the one in whom resides Lord Shiva
# 127
Main tumhari maut bankar aaya tha ... lekin tum meri zindagi ban gayi
I had come as your death ... but you became my life
# 128
Aali re aali ... aata tumchi baari aali!
It's here it's here ... now your turns are here!
# 129
Joh hamare usool todhta hai ... hum usse todh dete hain
Whosoever breaks our rules ... we break them
# 130
Logon ne rab ko rab kaha hai ... lekin maine apne yaar ko rab kaha hai
People have called god as god ... but I have called my friend as my god
# 131
Main yahan investigation karne aaya hoon ... do kaudi ka pravachan sunne nahi
I have come here to do the investigation ... not to hear some cheap discourse
# 132
Duniya mein har kaam fayde ke liye kiya jata hai
In this world, every work is done for profit
# 133
Band aankhon se insaan sirf sapna hi nahi ... kabhi kabhi us haqeeqat ko bhi dekh leta hai ... jisse khuli aankhen kabhi nahi dekh paati
With closed eyes a person not only sees a dream ... but sometimes he also sees that reality ... which he would have never seen with his open eyes
# 134
Yeh phool nahi mere dil ka lahu hai ... aur Daddy yeh dushman nahi, tumhari hone waali bahu hai
This is the blood of my heart, not a flower ... and Dad she is your daughter-in-law to be, not your enemy
# 135
Jab aap log zindagi ki mauj mein the ... tab hum fauj mein the
When you guys were having fun in life ... at that time I was in the military
# 136
Pachees baar keh chuka hoon ki ... dhande ki baat phone pe nahi
I have told you 25 times that ... no business talks over the phone
# 137
Teri kundli mere haath mein tab se hai ... jab se tu Gaiety Galaxy theater ke bahar ticket black karta tha
Your horoscope is in my hands since ... the time you used to black the tickets outside Gaiety Galaxy theater
# 138
Agar tere pass jagir hai ... toh mere pass jigar hai
If you have estates ... then I have courage
# 139
Doobara agar mujhe haath lagaya, toh haath kaat ke aaisi jagah ghusa doonga ... ki zindagi bhar khana bhi mooh se padega ... aur nikalna bhi
If you touch me again, then I will cut your hand and push it in such a place ... that for lifetime you will have to eat from your mouth ... and remove also
# 140
Kuch log shikaar karne aate hai ... khud shikaar ban jaate hai
Some people come to hunt ... and they themselves get hunted
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