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Ajay Devgan

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# 141
Mujhe bahut darr lagta hai apne aap se aur apne gusse se
I'm very scared of myself and my anger
# 142
De shiva var mohe, shubh karman se kabhoo na hatton ... na daroon bairi sauh jab chahe ladoon, nishchay kar apni jeet karoon
Oh power of god give me this boon, that I may never shirk from doing good deeds ... that I shall not fear when I go into combat, and be victorious with determination
# 143
Yeh phool nahi mere dil ka lahu hai ... aur Daddy yeh dushman nahi, tumhari hone waali bahu hai
This is the blood of my heart, not a flower ... and Dad she is your daughter-in-law to be, not your enemy
# 144
Duniya mein har aadmi jannat jaana chahta hai ... lekin jannat jaane ke liye koi marna nahi chahta
Everyone in this world wants to go to heaven ... but no one wants to die to go to heaven
# 145
Brother-in-law will die Tommy's death
Brother-in-law will die Tommy's (a dogs) death
# 146
Jab baat jugaad ki ho toh jaan ki keemat kam ho jaati hai
When it's about hacking something then the value of life decreases
# 147
Jung marke nahi, maarke jeeti jaati hai
A war is won by killing, not by dying
# 148
Barood ke canister pe behet ke Diwali nahi manayi jaati hai ... barood ke canister se manayi jaati hai
You don't celebrate Diwali by sitting on the canister of gunpowder ... you celebrate by using the canister of gunpowder
# 149
Sare kagazat mujhe chahiye do din mein ... kyun ki teesra tum logon ka chautha hoga
I need all the documents in two days ... because the third day will be your death ceremony
# 150
Rishton ke fayde nahi ... rishton ke mainne dekhte hai hum
I don't look at the benefits of a relation ... I look at values of a relation
# 151
Joh dikhta hai woh hota nahi ... aur joh nahi dikhta usse hum maante nahi
What you see doesn't happen ... and what you can't see, we don't believe that
# 152
Lagta hai tumhare kaan bajh rahe hai ... your eardrums are playing drums
It looks like your ears are ringing ... your eardrums are playing drums
# 153
Aali re aali ... aata tumchi baari aali!
It's here it's here ... now your turns are here!
# 154
Joh koi zulm ke khilaaf awaaz uthawat hai ... wohi insaan hai, wohi zinda hai
The one who raises their voice against injustice ... is a human, and is alive
# 155
Woh aaye hamare ghar mein, khuda ki kudrat hai ... kabhi hum unko, kabhi apne ghar ko dekhte hai
She came to my house, it is God's nature ... sometimes I see her and sometimes I see my house
# 156
Main sirf ek zubaan samajhta hoon ... Hindustani
I understand only one language ... Hindi
# 157
Mulaqaton ko din aur hafton se kyun gina jaata hai ... saanson se kyun nahi ... agar saanson se gina jaaye toh lagega ... bahut lambi umar hai is kam umar rishtey ki
Why do we count meetings in days and weeks ... why not in breaths ... if you count them by breaths then it'll feel like ... our short lived relationship has a very long life
# 158
Jitna tum karti ho mujhse pyar ... us mein 10% aur jodh lo yaar
The amount of love that you have for me ... add 10% to that
# 159
Sher aatank machata hai aur zakhmi sher tabaahi
A tiger creates terror and a wounded tiger creates destruction
# 160
Agar ek maut se nau jaane bachti hai, toh bachani chahiye ... yahi army ka asool hai
If you can save 9 lives with one death, then you should have saved them ... this is the rule of the army
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