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Ajay Devgan

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# 61
Aankhen khuli rakhon toh aansoon bhi kaale ... aur bandh karoon toh sapne bhi kaale
If I keep my eyes open then my tears are black ... and if I close them then my dreams are also black
# 62
Meri zarooratein kam hai ... is liye mere zameer mein dum hai
My needs are very less ... that's why my conscience is strong
# 63
Dushman aadmi ko maar sakta hai ... uske adharshon ko nahi
An enemy can kill a human ... but not his ideals
# 64
Agar woh chale gaye ... toh insaan nahin, barood bankar lautenge
If they go away ... then they will not return as humans, but as gunpowder
# 65
Shareer qaid kiya jaa sakta hai ... vichaar nahi
A body can be captivated ... but ideas cannot be
# 66
Zindagi se zyada mohabbat nahi karni chahiye ... aakhir mein sabse haseen dhokha zindagi hi deti hai
One should not love life a lot ... in the end the most beautiful betrayal is given by life
# 67
Waqt tha emergency ka ... mahol tha dehshat ka ... mauka tha kismat badalne ka ... woh army thi, par hum bhi toh harami the
It was a time of emergency ... there was fright in the atmosphere ... it was an opportunity to change the destiny ... there was an army, but even I was a evil
# 68
Mere jaise kapde pehanke tu Sultan Mirza dikh to sakta hai ... lekin ban nahi sakta
By wearing clothes like me you can look like Sultan Mirza ... but you can't become Sultan Mirza
# 69
Na pine hai na apple ... phir bhi pineapple
It doesn't have pine neither apple ... still it is called pineapple
# 70
Mohabbat mere dost, aag bhi lagati hai un dilon ko ... jin mein mohabbat ke chirag jalte hai
Love my friend, puts fire in those hearts ... in which the lamps of love light
# 71
Chahane aur haasil karne mein bahut phark hai ... pyar sirf haasil karna nahi ... pyar dene ka naam hai
There is big difference between wanting and getting something ... love is not only about getting ... love is also about giving
# 72
Galat kya hai yeh jaanne se koi farak nahi padta ... galat ko sahi karne se farak padta hai
It doesn't matter by knowing what is wrong ... making wrong the right is what matters
# 73
Uski ek muskurahat mere saare gham mitta degi
Her one smile will erase all my sadness
# 74
Meri ek awaaz par yeh tera kya karenge ... abhi ke abhi ... patloon toh teri geeli ho gayi hai ... abhi ke abhi ... mujhe chuha bhi toh yeh log tujh kaat dalenge ... abhi ke abhi
On one voice of mine do you know what they'll do to you ... right now ... your pants are wet ... right now ... even if you touch me then these people will cut you ... right now
# 75
Zubaan aur jaan sirf ek hi baar di jaa sake hai ... aaj se dono taare
A promise and a life can only be given once ... from today both of these are yours
# 76
Woh ishq hi kya joh salamat chhod de
Love that keeps you safe, isn't real love
# 77
Pyar apni khushi mein nahi ... balki jinhe tum pyar karte ho, unki khushi mein hai
Love is not in our own happiness ... instead it is in the happiness of the people you love
# 78
Maa Sherawali ka haath hai mujhpar ... chahe saikadon dushman aa jaye zameen par ... ek ek ko zinda ghaad dega yeh himmatwala ... yahinpar
I have the hand of Goddess Durga on me ... even if scores of enemies come on this land ... this courageous will bury alive, each and every one of them ... right here
# 79
Jis raaste par sher ke panje ho ... us par koi chalne ki himmat nahi karta
The path on which there are tiger paw prints ... no one dares to walk on it
# 80
Jin ungliyon ko ghode ki aadat lag jaaye ... un mein lagaam daalna mushkil ho jaata hai
The fingers that get used to a gun ... it's hard to apply a rein on them
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