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Ajay Devgan

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# 201
Har sipahi ki zindagi mein aaisa waqt zaroor aata hai ... jab usse apni duty se zyada apni aatma ki awaaz sunni padti hai
In the life of every soldier there comes definitely a moment ... when he has to listen more to the voice of his soul rather than his duty
# 202
Hum pyar karte hai apne liye, kyun ki hum mein koi achcha lagta hai ... lekin milta tab hai, jab yeh jaan le ki hum mein joh achcha lagta hai ... usse kya achcha lagta hai?
We love for ourselves, because we like someone ... but we achieve that love, when we come to know that what we love ... does she love that also?
# 203
Izzat aur jaan do aaisi cheezein hai ... joh ek baar chali gayi toh vapas nahi aati
Respect and life are two such things ... that never come back once they leave
# 204
Yeh panvati laya, main unnati laonga ... yeh katauti laya, main pragati laonga ... yeh durgati laya, main garbhvati laonga
He bought bad luck, I will bring development ... he bought deductions, I will bring progress ... he bought catastrophe, I will bring a pregnant woman
# 205
Hum chatti ka dhood yaad dila denge ... I will make him remember milk number 6
I will show him what I can do ... I will make him remember milk number 6
# 206
Bahut kainchi ki tarah chalti hai teri zubaan ... kainchi se hi kaat doonga
Your tongue moves a lot like scissors ... I will cut it with a scissor itself
# 207
Jab se main hoon ... tab se mera yeh sapna bhi hai
Since I am there ... my dream has also been there
# 208
Main cheezein kabhi bhoolta nahi ... I have a photographic memory
I never forget things ... I have a photographic memory
# 209
Mere marne ka maatam mat karna ... maine khud yeh shahadat chunni hai ... main jeeta hoon marne ke liye ... mera naam hai sipahi
Don't cry for me when I die ... as I've myself selected this martyrdom ... I live only to die ... my name is soldier
# 210
Tarai mein rehne walon ko oonchai pe rehne walon ki hamesha zaroorat padti hai
People who live in the valleys will always need people who live up high in the mountains
# 211
Isse kehte hai maar ... khane waala bhi roye aur maarne waala bhi roye
This is called a beating ... the one who gets the beating cries and the one who beats also cries
# 212
Aainda aaisi harkat ki ... toh deshwasi se narakwasi bana denge tane
If you do something like this again ... then I will turn you from a citizen of this country to the citizen of hell
# 213
Har insaan ke andar ek rakshash hota hai ... bas kuch log usse bahar nikaalne se darte nahi
There is a devil inside everyone ... it's just that some people are not scared to take it out
# 214
Soone ke liye chaddar ki nahi ... neend ki zaroorat hai
To sleep one doesn't need a blanket ... one needs sleep
# 215
Duniya mein teen cheezein nikalne ke liye ungli tedhi karni padti hai ... dibbe mein se ghee ... gair kanooni basti ... aur shaadi shuda mardon mein se masti
In this world there are 3 things for which one needs to turn their finger to remove it out ... clarified butter from its container ... illegal colony ... and fun from married men
# 216
Is desh ki gareebi ka karan gareeb nahi hai ... unse lootne wale tum jaise baimaan ameer hai
Poor people are not the reason behind the poverty in this country ... it's the rich people like you who steal from them
# 217
Usne dekha hi nahi apni hatheli ko kabhi ... us mein dhundli si kahin, meri bhi lakeer toh hai
She has never noticed her palm ... in that somewhere lightly, there is even my line
# 218
Dil ko rokta hoon toh aankhen bhatak jaati hai ... aankhen band karta hoon toh khwab bhatak jaate hai ... khwabon ko todta hoon toh yeh haath bhatak jaate hai
When I stop my heart then my eyes wander ... when I close my eyes then my dreams wander ... when I break my dreams then these hands wander
# 219
Dar pe phir sawaali aaya hai ... woh kis se pyar karti hai, yahi sawaal laya hai?
The monger has come again at the doorstep ... with the question, who does she love?
# 220
Maut se woh log darte hai jinka zindagi se koi rishta ho ... mera toh sirf ek hi rishta hai ... jis se mujhe maut hi mila sakti hai
The people who have a relationship with life are scared of death ... I have only one relationship ... and only death can make me meet with that
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