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Phool Aur Kaante

Release Year - 1991
# 1
Jawani mein aksar break fail ho jaya karti hai
Breaks do fail oftenly when one is young
# 2
Bachpan jitna baap ke liye tarasta hai ... usse kahi zyada budhapa apni aulad ke liye tadapta hai
How much ever childhood yearns for a father ... much more than that old age yearns for their child
# 3
Jahan meri awaaz pahunch sakti hai ... wahan meri goli bhi pahunch sakti hai
Where my voice can reach ... there my bullet can also reach
# 4
Tum jaise neta randiyon se bhi bhattar hote hai ... woh bhi itni jaldi apne dalle nahi badalti ... jitni jaldi tum log apni party badal lete ho
Politicians like you are worse than prostitutes ... they also don't change their pimps so frequently ... as frequently as you people change your party
# 5
Woh marega ... aur uski laash par khada hokar main is shehar ka sabse bada Don banooga
He will die ... and I will stand on his dead body and become the biggest Don of this city
# 6
Agar tere pass jagir hai ... toh mere pass jigar hai
If you have estates ... then I have courage
# 7
Aaj maut ka vyapaari ... zindagi ka chaukidaar ban gaya
Today the trader of death ... has become the watchman of life
# 8
Baap se nazaren milaoge ... toh andhe ho jaoge
If you stare into the eyes of big daddy ... then you will go blind
# 9
Khoon bahane waalo se ... khoon achchi tarah poocha nahi jaata
Those who draw blood ... cannot wipe the blood stains properly
# 10
Tune mere khoon ke cheente udhaye hai ... main teri dajjiyan udha doonga
You have splashed my blood ... I will blow you into pieces
# 11
Apni kisi pyari cheez par jab chot ka nishaan lagta hai ... toh dil mein dard jaag uthta hai
When something near to our heart gets a mark of wound ... then the pain starts in the heart
# 12
Mere bete ki aankh se jitne aasoon bahenge ... mere andhar utna hi boond boond barood bharega
The amount of tears that drop from my sons eyes ... that much gunpowder will grow inside me
# 13
Har khoobsurat cheez kamzor hoti hai
Every beautiful thing is weak
# 14
Tera anjaam bahut hi bhayanak aur dardnak hoga
Your consequence will be very horrible and painful
# 15
Jisse main insaan ka bachcha samajhkar bees saal tak palta raha ... woh aasteen ka saanp nikla
The person I raised for 20 years, considering him as a child of a human ... turned out to be a snake under the arm
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