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Release Year - 2017
# 1
Char din ki zindagi hai aur aaj chautha din hai ... yeh sochkar itne saal nikaal diye
Life is short and today is the last day of life ... I've spent so many years thinking just that
# 2
Yeh joh samay hai na, yeh sabki leta hai ... samay samay par, sahi samay par ... sahi tarah se leta hai
Time screws everyone ... all the time and at the right time ... it screws perfectly
# 3
Sharam aur main toh ek sentence mein nahi aate madam
Madam, shyness and I don't come in a single sentence
# 4
Waqt tha emergency ka ... mahol tha dehshat ka ... mauka tha kismat badalne ka ... woh army thi, par hum bhi toh harami the
It was a time of emergency ... there was fright in the atmosphere ... it was an opportunity to change the destiny ... there was an army, but even I was a evil
# 5
Woh ishq hi kya joh salamat chhod de
Love that keeps you safe, isn't real love
# 6
Zubaan aur jaan sirf ek hi baar di jaa sake hai ... aaj se dono taare
A promise and a life can only be given once ... from today both of these are yours
# 7
Aankhon mein tabhi chamak aati hai jab unmein khatra hota hai
There's a shine in the eyes only when they have danger in them
# 8
Rajai, lugai aur ladai hamesha barabar ki honi chahiye
A blanket, a wife and a fight must always be appropriate to your own size
# 9
Duniya mein do kisam ke log hote hai ... ek jinke saath hum peete hai ... doosre jinki wajah se hum peete hai
There are two types of people in the world ... one with whom we drink ... and second are those for whom we drink
# 10
Jeevan mein do tarah ke log aapke saath hamesha hone chahiye ... ek Krishna jaise joh aapke liye na bhi lade tab bhi aapki jeet pakki kar de ... aur doosre Karna jaise joh aapke liye tab bhi lade jab aapki haar saamne dikh rahi ho
In life two types of people should always be there with you ... one like Lord Krishna, who don't even fight for you but still they ensure that you win ... and second like Karna, who will fight for you even when you can see your defeat in front of you
# 11
Main kahani badal doonga
I'll change the story
# 12
Aankhen bhi ajeeb raazdar hove ... dekhe kuch aur, dikhaye kuch aur ... bayaan kuch aur kare, jaati kuch aur
The eyes are strange type of secret keepers ... they see something and they show something else ... they say something and they express something else
# 13
Maut jab sar pe hoti hai ... zindagi ki keemat tab samajh mein aati hai
When death hangs around your head ... only then you understand the value of life
# 14
Karne se pehle kya sochna ... pehle karo phir daro
Why think before doing it ... first do it and then worry about it
# 15
Aapke sone ka karat maare character ko kharaab nahi kar sakta
The karat of your gold can't spoil my character
# 16
History is always written about men ... but not always made by them
History is always written about men ... but not always made by them
# 17
Zindagi badi choti hai ... bade bade faisle lene ke liye zyada time nahi lena chahiye
Life is very short ... you should not take a long time for making big decisions
# 18
Jab baat jugaad ki ho toh jaan ki keemat kam ho jaati hai
When it's about hacking something then the value of life decreases
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