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Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha

Release Year - 1998
# 1
Woh log bahut badnaseeb hote hai jinhe pyar nahi milta ... lekin unse bhi zyada badnaseeb woh log hote hai jinhe pyar milta toh hai ... magar woh log usse pehchaan nahi paate aur usse kho dete hai
People who don't get love are very unfortunate ... but more unfortunate than those are the people who get love ... but they don't recognize it and lose it
# 2
Kanoon ka dost mera dost ... kanoon ka dushman mera dushman
A friend of the law is my friend ... and an enemy of the law is my enemy
# 3
Insaan ko apne kal mein nahi ... aaj mein jeena chahiye
A person should live in his present ... not his past
# 4
Har insaan ko zindagi mein ek baar pyar zaroor karna chahiye ... pyar insaan ko bahut achcha bana deta hai
Every person should fall in love at least once in life ... because love makes a person very good
# 5
Band aankhon se insaan sirf sapna hi nahi ... kabhi kabhi us haqeeqat ko bhi dekh leta hai ... jisse khuli aankhen kabhi nahi dekh paati
With closed eyes a person not only sees a dream ... but sometimes he also sees that reality ... which he would have never seen with his open eyes
# 6
Kisi bhi jung ko jeetne ke liye ... pehla hamla bahut sooch samajhkar karna chahiye
To win any battle ... the first attack should be done with careful planning
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