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Ajay Devgan

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# 81
Yeh duniya hum mein milne nahi degi ... lekin main bhi ab is duniya ko jeene nahi doonga
This world will not let us meet ... but even I won't let this world live
# 82
Maut ke saath sirf zindagi khatam hoti hai ... mohabbat nahi
Only life ends with death ... not love
# 83
Tere khandaan mein maarne ka rivaj hai kya?
Does your family have a ritual to hit?
# 84
Confidence bahut kutti cheez hai ... agar nishane pe lag jaye to kamaal hai ... warna bawaal hai
Confidence is a bad thing ... if its on target then its great ... else its chaos
# 85
Zaroorat se zyada kabhi usse maanga nahi ... zaroorat se kam kabhi usne diya nahi
I've never asked God for more than what I need ... and God has never given me less than what I need
# 86
Toofan mein bahaa hai na yeh sholon mein jala hai ... ghayal hua teeron se na khanjar se kata hai ... kehte hai jisse ishq qayamat hai, bala hai ... takraya joh bhi isse woh duniya se mitta hai
Neither has it flown away in the storm nor has it burnt in the embers ... neither has it been wounded with arrows nor has been cut with a knife ... that is love and it is also a catastrophe ... because anyone who fights with it, gets eradicated from the world
# 87
Some goals are so worthy ... it's glorious even to fail
Some goals are so worthy ... it's glorious even to fail
# 88
Duniya mein do kisam ke log hote hai ... ek jinke saath hum peete hai ... doosre jinki wajah se hum peete hai
There are two types of people in the world ... one with whom we drink ... and second are those for whom we drink
# 89
Sardar ki dastaar par haath uthayega na ... toh Sardar utha dega
If you raise your hand on a Sikh's turban ... then the Sikh will kill you
# 90
Kis kaam ki hai yeh vardi ... joh ek police waale ko mazboot nahi, majboor banati hai
What is the use of this uniform ... that makes a police officer helpless, and not strong
# 91
Yeh gaon mera hain aur main is gaon ka Jaikant Shikre
Jaikant Shikre this village is mine and I am from this village
# 92
Gusse se dekh rahi ho yah shakal hi aaisi hai
Are you staring with anger or is your face like this only
# 93
Main kahani badal doonga
I'll change the story
# 94
Me criminally good!
I'm criminally good!
# 95
Early to double bed and early to wake up fast ... makes a male mard hatta katta and oversmart
Early to bed and early to rise ... makes a man strong and oversmart
# 96
Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein sawaal aata hai ... ki agar duniya mein Sardar na hote toh kya hota? ... sorry yaar duniya bekaar bina son of Sardar
Sometimes there is a question that comes to my heart ... that if there were no Sikhs in this world then what would have happened? ... sorry my friend the world would have been useless without the son of Sikh
# 97
When elder get cosy ... younger don't put nosy
When elders get cosy ... youngers should not put their nose in between
# 98
Mere jaane ke baad log mujhe zyada yaad karte hai
People remember me more after I leave
# 99
Boothi changi nahi ho te baat changi karni chahiye ... aur baat changi na kar sako ... toh mooh band rakhna chahiye
Even if you aren't smart you should talk smartly ... and if you can't talk smartly ... then you should keep quiet
# 100
Khaas aadmiyo ko yeh bhi yaad dilana chahiye ... ke woh kabhi bhi aam ho sakte hai
You should remind special people that ... they can become a normal person anytime
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