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Shree 420

Release Year - 1955
# 1
Mera joota hai Japani, yeh patloon Englishtani, sar pe laal topi Russi ... phir bhi dil hai Hindustani
My shoes are Japanese, these pants are British, I have a Russian red hat on my head ... but still my heart is Indian
# 2
Dil ka dard aur aankhon ke aasun chupane ke liye ... yeh bewakoof maskare ka bhes bade kaam ki cheez hai
To hide the pain of the heart and the tears of the eyes ... a disguise of a smiling face is very useful
# 3
Aaj gareeb bhi gareeb ko nahi pehchanta
Today one poor person doesn't know another poor person
# 4
Yeh Bambai hai mere bhai Bambai ... yahan doosro ko girta dekhkar sab haste hai ... magar jab khud girte hai toh hasna bhool jaate hai
This is Mumbai my friend ... here everyone laughs when someone falls ... but when they themselves fall, they forget to laugh
# 5
Mumbai ko koi nahi khareed sakta ... Mumbai sabko khareed leti hai aur apna kaam nikaalkar kisi raddi waale ki dukaan mein phek deti hai
No one can buy Mumbai ... Mumbai buys everyone and then when it is done with them, it throws them in a scrap shop
# 6
Yeh Bambai hai mere bhai Bambai ... yahan buildinge banti hai cement ki aur insaanon ke dil patthar ke
This is Mumbai my friend ... here buildings are made from cement and peoples hearts are made from stones
# 7
Yeh Bambai hai mere bhai Bambai ... yahan sach bolkar pet bharne ka raasta dhoondne se nahi milta ... aur jhoot bolkar paise banane ke raaste hai 420
This is Mumbai my friend ... here you will not find a way to fill your stomach by saying the truth ... but you will find 420 ways to make money by lying
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