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Release Year - 2016
# 1
Sau sahi kaam karlo koi yaad nahi rakhta ... ek galat ilzaam aur sabne bhula diya
No one remembers you when you do a hundred good things ... but with one wrong allegation everyone forgets you
# 2
Jinke paas dost kam hote hai na ... woh amir nahi hote
Those who have only a few friends ... they are not rich
# 3
Ab farak nahi padta ... kyun ki jab farak nahi padta zindagi mein ... farak tabhi aata hai
Now I don't care ... because when you don't care in life ... only then a change comes along
# 4
Tumhare aage badne ki duayein maine maangi ... aaj mujhe hi peeche chhod diya
I prayed for you to move ahead ... and today you've left me behind
# 5
Sikka dono ka hota hai, heads ka bhi aur tails ka bhi ... par waqt sirf uska aata hai joh palatkar upar aata hai
A coin belongs to both, heads and tails ... but time only stays on the side of the one who turns around and rises
# 6
Tu mooh se bolega toh kuch hi logan sunenge ... balla bolega toh sari duniya ko sunna padega
If you say it from your mouth then only a few people will listen ... but if your bat does the talking then the whole world will have to listen to it
# 7
Upar waala bhi full maaze leta hai ... joh chahiye aasaani se deta nahi ... aur jisse door bhaago usse har modh pe aage khada kar deta hai
God also enjoys totally ... he doesn't give you easily whatever you want ... and the thing that you run away from, he brings that in front of you at every turn
# 8
Teen tarah ki jung world famous hai ... pati aur patni ke beech ... pani aur petrol ke beech ... aur India aur Pakistan ki cricket match ke beech
Three types of battles are world famous ... between a husband and a wife ... between water and petrol ... and a cricket match between India and Pakistan
# 9
Rishtey tootne se khatam nahi ho jaate
Relationships don't end when they break
# 10
Record 100 par banta hai ... 99 par koi taali nahi bajata
A record is made when you score 100 runs ... no one claps for 99 runs
# 11
Kachhuae na kahaniyon mein jeette hai ... asli zindagi mein nahi
Tortoises only win in stories ... not in real life
# 12
Aapke yaar bahut honge ... main unmein se nahi
You might have a lot of friends ... but I'm not one of them
# 13
Mauka intezar nahi karta ... joh mauke par hota hai, mauka usich ko milta hai
Opportunity doesn't wait ... the one who is present when the opportunity arises, is the one who gets the opportunity
# 14
Paisa jab bolta hai toh koi kuch nahi bol paata
When money talks then no one can talk in front of it
# 15
Cricket ho ya pyar ... agar timing sahi nahi hai toh kuch nahi hai
Be it cricket or love ... if your timing is not right then nothing is right
# 16
Galati toh hui thi mujhse ... par galati manne ki ek aur galati karne ka mood nahi tha
I had done a mistake ... but I was not in a mood to do another mistake but accepting by mistake
# 17
Jab chaati pe India likha ho ... toh dil nahi bharta
When you have India written on your heart ... then you can never be done
# 18
Itna gyaan mat baant ki khatam ho jaaye
Don't spread so much knowledge that you might run out of it
# 19
Fans halla bhi karte hai aur hawa tight bhi
Fans cheer you and get you straightened up as well
# 20
Kabhi kabhi paisa joh hai woh insaan se zyada kaam aata hai
Sometimes money comes in more handy than a person
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