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Release Year - 2018
# 1
Watan ke aage kuch nahi ... khud bhi nahi
Nothing comes before my country ... not even me myself
# 2
Mulk ke samne mujhe apna aap nazar nahi aata ... main hi toh mulk hoon, Hindustan hoon
I don't see myself in front of my country ... I'm myself my country, my India
# 3
Hamare itihaas mein aise kayi log hai jinhe koi inaam, koi medal nahi milta ... hum unka naam tak nahi jaante ... na hi unhe pehchante hai ... sirf watan ke jhande par apni yaad chhod jaate hai
There are many people in our history who don't get any medal or recognition ... we don't even know their name ... neither can we identify them ... they just leave behind their memories on our country's flag
# 4
Jung mein aisa hi hota hai ... kayi bekasoor maare jaate hai ... lekin jung mein sivah jung ke aur kuch mayine nahi rakhta
These things happen in war ... many innocent people get killed ... but in war nothing else matters other than the war itself
# 5
Jung mein nuksaan sirf jaan ka nahi hota ... kabhi kabhi casualties in war zinda bhi reh jaate hai
Only life isn't lost in war ... sometimes casualties in war also remain alive
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