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Kanwaljit Singh

# 1
Jab rona aaye toh phoot ke ro lo ... jab pyar aaye toh gale laga lo ... pyar mein bas yahi do sach hai
When you feel like crying then cry as much as you want ... when you love someone then embrace them ... these are the only two truths in love
# 2
Har zindagi ka apne hisse ka dard hota hai ... jitna zaldi usse jeetna seekh lo, toh achcha hai
Even life has its own share of pain ... the faster you try to win over it, the better it'll be for you
# 3
Joh sahi lagta hai woh karo ... joh tujhe sahi lagta hai, usse zyada kuch kar bhi nahi sakti tu
Do what is right ... because whatever you think is right, you can't do anything more than that
# 4
Hamare itihaas mein aise kayi log hai jinhe koi inaam, koi medal nahi milta ... hum unka naam tak nahi jaante ... na hi unhe pehchante hai ... sirf watan ke jhande par apni yaad chhod jaate hai
There are many people in our history who don't get any medal or recognition ... we don't even know their name ... neither can we identify them ... they just leave behind their memories on our country's flag
# 5
Jung mein nuksaan sirf jaan ka nahi hota ... kabhi kabhi casualties in war zinda bhi reh jaate hai
Only life isn't lost in war ... sometimes casualties in war also remain alive
# 6
Kabhi kabhi peeche hatna ... ek step forward hota hai
Sometimes stepping back ... is going one step forward
# 7
Na umeed hai, na sharaab hai ... soorat-e-haal kaafi kharab hai
Neither there is hope, nor there is alcohol ... and the condition of the face is very bad
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