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Laxmikant Berde

# 1
Hum us desh ke waasi hai jis desh mein Ganga behti hai ... aur jis desh mein bahu apne saas sasur ke samne sar par pallu daal ke rehti hai
I am from the country where the Ganga (river) flows ... and from the country where a daughter-in-law wheres a veil on her head in front of her mother-in-law and father-in-law
# 2
Side se dekho toh Vyjayanthimala, peeche se dekho toh Madhubala, samne se dekho toh husn ka pyala
She looks like Vyjayanthimala from the side, she looks like Madhubala from the back, and she looks like a beautiful bowl from the front
# 3
Padhoge likhoge toh hoge kharab ... kheloge koodoge toh banoge nawab
If you study and write then you'll become useless ... if you play and jump then you'll become an emperor
# 4
Khud laat marte ho aur mujhe gadha kehte ho?
You yourself kick and you call me a donkey?
# 5
Aadmi ke dil aur maut ka koi bharosa nahi hai ... kab, kispar, kis waqt aa jaye time nikalke ... bata nahi sakta
A person's heart and death cannot be trusted ... when, on who, and at what time they come ... you can't say that
# 6
Reaction zyada, action zero
There is more reaction and zero action
# 7
Jumma aaye, jumma jaye ... lekin is chumme ki nishani kabhi na mitne paye
Let Friday come, let Friday go ... but the mark of this kiss should never get erased
# 8
Aap iske khandan ke baare mein nahi jaante ... iska par-dada 009, iska dada 008, iska baap 007 aur yeh zero zero chakka (006) hai
You don't know about his family ... his great grandfather was 009, his grandfather was 008, his father was 007 and he is 006 (eunuch)
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